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Today’s Most Compelling Match?

Federer vs. Nadal, AP PhotoIt won’t end up being the Super Bowl.

Rather, it was the epic, five-set Australian Open final pitting Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal in what is fast becoming one of the best rivalries in sports. And this one…damn was it good. The deciding fifth set was a bit of a letdown, but 1-4 were just about as good as tennis sports get.

The storylines run thick and deep with these two. Federer has a legitimate claim on “best ever” status, and were it not for Nadal he’d already wear the crown. But he can’t shake the kid. He makes shots that literally no other man in tennis could run down, then here comes Nadal over and over again, relentless, taking the great champion’s best and giving it back plus-one.

At 27, Roger’s got maybe three years left of tennis “in his prime”. The way it looks right now, he might never get over what the kid has done to him. But watching him try? That’s beauty. Add on top of that the fact that both players are all class, true gentlemen that fit right into the grandest traditions, and you’ve got something very special.

The match is coming up again on ESPN2 at 3 o’clock. Do yourself a favor and try to catch some of it, or feed it into the DVR. Great stuff.

We’ll see, then, what the Steelers and Cardinals can do. The bar’s set pretty high.

As for the Orioles, I’m delighted to report that I can finally answer that question you guys keep asking me: “What’s up with Marty Cordova these days?” (third paragraph).

Enjoy the game tonight. Should be a (mostly) full week of posts this week.

(AP photo)

9 comments to Today’s Most Compelling Match?

  • neal s

    One other thing: I could not possibly care if Michael Phelps smoked (smokes?) a little pot. It’s a non-story.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    the steelers d will FINALLY get exposed by the best receivers in the nfl.

    cards 27-20

  • neal s

    But no chance that’s the Purple Kool Aid talking, right?

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    nah it’s the truth serum talkin

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    for real though neal i see these as non-purple tainted facts:

    a. the steelers defense is unquestionably the best in the league.

    b. the cardinals qb/receivers tandem is unquestionably the best the steelers have seen all year.

    if the steelers have ANY slight weakness it’s their secondary. the cardinals are the only team in the playoffs that i feel can exploit the blitz with a quick release qb, short routes, and some bombs downfield to larry fitz.

    if the steelers were playing say, the giants i’d predict a 27-3 throttling.

    i can see the cards pulling off the upset. that’s all i ask for is the chance for a good game.

  • neal s

    That actually ended up being a pretty damn compelling Super Bowl, yeah? Definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen (if not the best).

    Still no match for Federer-Nadal, but pretty damn fun to watch.

    Football season is over. Done and done. I’m OK with that. Looking forward to March Madness and Spring Training.

  • I won $100 on a fantastic tease (Pitt -1 while moving the points up to 54 and taking the under)

    I also won $20 on the coin flip

    and another $20 from my dad, who was Positive that Bruce would play “The Rising”

    Bruce blew my expectations out of the water. He was great! Although, that might be the $20 talking.

    So now that I’m a Super Bowl Champion “what’s next?” well I’ll tell you what – I’m going to BALTIMORE!

  • Michael Phelps actually trains in pools full of bong water.

  • dan the man

    The cards coming back, taking the lead, and then still getting beat reminded me of some Baltimore/Pittsburgh games this year. I’m officially a Kurt Warner fan, though. And how about that ridiculous thug foul from Harrison in the end? If I’m him, I’m apologizing to my team even though we won. Hitting a guy when he’s down and then knocking him back down once he gets up? Idiot.

    Phelps is hilarious.