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“…And There’s Work to Do”

I’ve had a peculiar reaction to all this Mike Gonzalez stuff: I’m in a deathgrip of ennui. There’s a lot of competing thoughts going on in my head, and like the Three Stooges they’ve wedged each other off. That leaves me just kind of sitting here, watching helplessly and basically…not reacting. At all. I need Kilgore Trout to wake me up.

I abhor the contract, but that’s a sunk cost now and he has been an excellent relief pitcher in the NL, but he’s also an injury risk, is he injured now? There’s just this feeling of instant doom when I see him walking in, but three bad games is a drop in the bucket, and I’m sure he’s settle in soon enough, but then there’s that horrifying delivery…

Wedged in the door. It’s not that I don’t care, but…well, I don’t care. If 24 guys are doing enough to win 3 of 4 games and Mike Gonzalez is blowing it, in a rebuilding year*, then that might be enough to satisfy me. Maybe. Maybe not; I really don’t like watching 9th inning meltdowns.

Agh! Ennui! Someone wake me up!

Tonight the Orioles go back to work with David Hernandez on the hill trying to get his outstanding minor league and spring numbers to translate to the big leagues. It’s all about how many bats he can miss, and if he can keep the ball in the zone (which I guess is kind of an obvious thing to say).

On the other side, we’ll be seeing Dana Eveland make his Blue Jay debut. Eveland is kind of like what would happen if Brad Bergesen lost his control: a lot of walks, a lot of contact, a lot of ground balls. The Oriole offense has been a little underwhelming so far, particularly Adam Jones and Luke Scott, so perhaps they can upshift tonight.

*You can keep telling yourself “It’s Phase Two now! Wins matter!” all you want, but I’m not buying it. It’s not exactly a Lost Season, but it’s still rebuilding.

6 comments to “…And There’s Work to Do”

  • Andrew

    I need to share this, from twitter, because it’s a brilliantly wonderful explanation of the core rule of sabermetrics:

    “Outs in baseball are like lives in Mario”.

    That’s just so…right.

  • Mike R

    Ok. So how long of a leash do we give Dave Trembly now. He’s a nice guy, but he cant “manage” a game, or coach his players up. Maybe if Mike Gonzo doesnt blow 2 saves, were not talking about this, but last nights game was absolutely pathetic. No way does our lineup get shutout by Dana Everland. AJ is coming into his prime, he shouldn’t be chasing that outside breaking ball still. Probably not being coached up. When Roberts was in he wasnt runnning out ground balls. I’d be in my guys ear if they didnt leg out every ball in play. Nolan goes to bat in a clutch situation where he could tie the game, and never gets the bat off his shoulders. Wheres the coach telling him “protect the plate with 2 strikes.” Thats little league fundementals. And WTF was that intetional walk in the 4th inning with 2 outs. Yeah, Hernandez shouldnt have hit the guy, but are you telling me in the 4th inning he wanted the righty vs righty matchup. why not int.walk every player opposite handed of the pitchers then.

    Didnt mean to go on so long about that, but all im saying is DT has put up with the BS of waiting for these guys to come around. we’ll they’re here, and if he cant do a better job than this…Then he needs to go while they can still salvage a season, before it turns into “the lost season” part 3. I’d give him til the end of the long road trip they’re going on to the west coast and boston. If things dont change, hes gotta go. The Rockies fired Clint Hurdle after a 19-28 start. Jim Tracy comes in, provides a spark, a much needed jolt of energy,(like the O’s need. a swift kick in the ass) and they finish 22 games above .500, and in the playoffs.

    How long do we stick with Trembley?

  • Andrew

    I’m not sure what you can pin on Trembley. Some of his in-game decisions and lineups have been questionable, sure (like why bring in Will Ohman with 2 outs in the ninth? Just leave Berken, who was doing terrifically, out there!), but I’d be concerned with two things:

    1) his replacement could definitely be a lot worse than he is. Andy MacPhail did once hire Dusty Daker, you know.

    2) If he gets replaced in-season, then we’ll just hand the team off to Jeff Datz or whoever and go through this whole interim thing again. If the Orioles aren’t happy with Trembley*, then they should replace him in November, not June.

    *Of course, if the Orioles are unhappy with Trems, it’ll hopefully be because of all these strange moves and not because the team couldn’t make any fucking adjustments off Dana Eveland…and you figure his replacement would then not be making those kind of mistakes.

  • dan the man

    I was at the game last night. It was boring.

    I’m not at all ready to talk “fire Trembley” because his moves, although a little questionable, have worked out, and they haven’t been outside the realm of what most major league managers would have done.

    Our offense just stinks right now. Young lefties just continue to kill this team. We continue to have an overall lack of patience. Please get Adam Jones the hell out of the number two slot, especially when there’s no B-Rob in the lineup.

    This isn’t the way to start the season, but I’m still looking at it like we would be 3-2. It just sucks that we’re actually not.

  • dan the man

    Positive note: David Hernandez looked pretty solid. I’ll take 6 IP, 2 ER, 5 K from David every time.

  • Andrew

    @ dan the man: He really did. As much disrespect as I’ve shown him, he was very impressive for his first time out this year.

    You have to wonder – and I know this is going to sound weird coming from me – whether or not the hitters were frustrated by the ‘Zalez meltdowns. Listen to this quote from Jose Molina:

    When you have a team that is chasing a pitch, you just try to keep going with it until they show you that they can make the adjustment. [Saturday night] the Orioles didn’t make that adjustment on him, and that’s why we took advantage of it.

    Wow. You wonder if they’re pressing out there to make up for the early season struggles. I mean, look, Eveland had the sinker WORKING out there (2 line drives, 9 fly balls, 14 grounders), and when a guy like that is on (as we’ve seen with Mr. Bergesen) he can be devastating. But when I go to get a beer and come back and the inning’s already over because we only saw six pitches, you have to lay the finger on the offensive approach. It was pathetic.