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Anita Marks Out at 105.7

Somewhat surprising local media news: Anita Marks and 105.7 The Fan are parting ways.

According to the article, the two sides couldn’t come to a contract agreement. She’ll now take a month off to review her options.

I think it’s safe to say that most Baltimore sports fans won’t exactly be sad to see her go. Personally I was never a fan but I did think that the show she put on with Scott Garceau was generally entertaining. I liked their grumpy/ditzy dynamic.

Now that she’s gone I’ll share a story.

Back when the Rangers were considering trading Mark Teixeira and it looked like the O’s might have a shot, I posted a Q&A with a columnist from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I emailed the link to a bunch of local media types — including Anita Marks — in hopes that they might mention it and drive some traffic to the site.

Later that day I hopped in my car and dialed up ESPN 1300 just in time to hear her repeating my questions — practically word-for-word and in the same order as I asked them — to a different columnist from the same newspaper.

Good times.

24 comments to Anita Marks Out at 105.7

  • dan the man

    Wowww… good story. That’s some bullshit right there.

    I’d be surprised to see Anita back with any Baltimore sports radio station, mostly because that would seem like a lateral career move at best. Hopefully this paves the way for someone solid.

    105.7, go get Haynie!

  • This is the best news you could get on a dreary Monday! I’d taken to yelling at her in my car while I listened, which is the same thing I used to do when Dubya was president and popped up on TV for a little speechifying. Good riddance, Anita.

  • Andrew

    Hey, I’m not falling for your stupid April Fool’s Day pranks like Dan did last ye-

    **checks calendar**


    Well, I never listened to these guys and really only care about sports talk radio in Baltimore as it pertains to my everyday internet reading (which is to say, I could only barely care less about the whole industry). But, good, I guess…?

  • Andrew

    Also: I’m visibly shuddering from reading those comments from that old Tex article. So young, Andrew in Rochester. So young and stupid, hitching your horse to Brian fucking Burres.

    But I keep telling myself Chris Tillman is gonna be different.

    Lastly: fuck you one more time Mark Teixiera. I hate your fucking guts more than anyone else ever.

  • dan the man

    @Andrew – I was hoping no one was going to bring up the April Fools thing. Sigh…

    I do admit to thinking about what day it was when I read this post, though.

    And I’ve supported Burres plenty of times myself.. no shame there, really. And it’s blatant that Chris Tillman is different. He’s actually got “stuff”, at least. I still think he needs another pitch. Fastball, curve, change… needs a 2-seamer, in my opinion.

  • neal s

    Some spammer named “greg” just tried to post Anita’s centerfold pics (as if). So, yeah, full disclosure: I deleted that.

  • Hypothetically speaking, where might one look to find those pics you speak of. Speaking strictly hyopodermically of course. eh-hem.

  • Dan H

    105.7 is one of the presets in my car and i’ll pause on it when the garceau show is on but immediately change it as soon as anita says something dumb or completely asinine. it usually takes somewhere between 12-22 seconds. i always hoped for her to keep her mouth shut and let me listen but she refused.

  • Greg

    @neal s – That wasn’t me Neal, I swear.

    I’m happy about the news. Could not stand Anita. I thought the things she said were always completely off base or flat out wrong.

    I was at the gym with Jay Trucker about a year ago and he told me that Anita’s contract negotiations were going to force her out of The Fan. I was wondering when it would all come to pass.

  • Greg


    BTW, my friend pointed out this website to me, although not because of this shirt. But the shirt, however, is awesome. Maybe not worth $36, but cool nonetheless.

  • Andrew

    One of the better and smarter bloggers out there, Mr. Dave Cameron, has a writeup about the offseason in Baltimore at fangraphs. I don’t agree with every single word he writes, but the overall gist of it is pretty much how I’ve felt. Hrm.

    Where I do disagree is in Cameron’s argument that the Orioles should have been looking “to add some key pieces that could grow with the core already in place”. I’m not really sure that such pieces were out there for the taking.

    Anyway, just another article for you all to digest.

  • neal s

    @Greg – Oh, I knew it wasn’t you.

    No Mas is an awesome site, for sure. It’s a little too New York for me to dig it on a daily basis, but they do nice work.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    maybe i’m missing something but:

    why the hell did you wait until now to say something neal?

    i actually never cared either way about her but that’s fucked up.

  • neal s

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – Do you mean why did I wait to say something about her “borrowing” my story?

    No reason in particular. It wasn’t that big of a deal. I only mentioned it today because it seemed like an interesting anecdote in light of her leaving. I did think a little about mentioning it when it happened, but my main reaction was just to laugh.

  • dan the man

    @Andrew – I checked out that blog on fangraphs and I mean, honestly, the commenter “KG” made some better points than were really made in the original post itself. Nothing against Cameron (and I’m not a frequenter of the site but I’m sure it’s great), but like you said, I just can’t see a way that the O’s could have had a much better offseason (keyword much). What’s worse, Cameron doesn’t really offer any suggestions of his own. And that’s where I have a problem with people who criticize this offseason. It’s like Drew saying “spend spend spend” without ever offering a suggestion of who to spend for, or considering the part of the equation that has to do with the player agreeing to be spent on, if you will.

    It’s not that I don’t agree with the point of view that says the O’s would do well to acquire someone to help them past 2010. Sure, but name me a player or two. It just wasn’t out there.

  • Greg

    What the O’s are doing by SLOWLY adding depth to the minor leagues through the draft, and trading veterans when the timing is right… that’s all we really need to be doing. We’re about a season or two away from having a fantastic plan B at every position in the worst case scenarios. Few teams today I see have such fortunes.

  • @dan the man – Someday, when he’s off the air, I’ll tell you my Bob Haynie stories.

  • Andrew

    There’s some really interesting stuff from Buster Olney this morning about hard slotting the rule 4 draft, which I think is going to be The Issue over the next few years in terms of labor (well, it has been the issue, anyhow).

    My first impression: If hard-slotting happens, we’ll probably see less high schoolers get drafted/signed, and for pitchers this is a bad thing indeed, since a lot of college coaches will just ride the crap out of them (two years ago maybe was when the Texas closer went out and threw like 150 pitches in extra innings).

    Anyway, it’s interesting stuff. You’d expect that as an Orioles fan you would be 100% in favor of hard slotting, but then you remember that the lack of that system is why we have Matt Wieters today. So, double-edged sword and all that.

  • dan the man

    @Miles – My curiosity is piqued as to whether or not you mean a story like. I confess to knowing very little about him, I just always thought he was one of the better guys at WNST that, like Rob Long, should probably be working elsewhere where his talents would be better appreciated. But hell, maybe he’s a giant douche, who knows.

  • dan the man

    Oops… that first sentence should read, “My curiosity is piqued as to whether or not you mean a story like the Anita story.”

  • @dan the man – I was never all that impressed by his talents, and yes, it’s stories from my time working with him rather than like Neal’s Anita M. story.

    Come to think of it, it was 10 years ago I was working with Bob at OnAirSports.com; my how time does fly…

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    man ya’ll some passive motherfuckers. stand up for yourself.

  • neal s

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – Thanks for the advice, coach.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    anytime, my son.