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It Might Be Time To Boycott Utz

I can’t even believe I wrote that headline. We’re talking about Utz here, the finest potato chip in the world. A game-changing snack with regional roots and deep Baltimore ties. A part of life. When we think of chips, we think of our beloved Utz.

Might be time for that to change.

If that sounds like heresy, it should. It is. Yet it’s no greater a sin than this: Utz is now the “official snack food of the New York Yankees”.

You read that right. Our chips have joined ranks with the enemy. Gone to the dark side. Sold their soul. And in doing so have committed an indignity so vast that it shakes the very foundation upon which an entire region built its snacking loyalty.

It was bad enough when Mike Mussina defected. At least he — arguably — had a reason. But what did we ever do to Utz? What affront did we perpetrate that so offended their sensibilities? I can think of none.

No, this is something else. It is is snack food supplication at the altar of greed and venality. Something that even in my darkest moments I never imagined I’d live to see.

I’m torn between deliciousness and dignity. A choice that — let’s be honest — no man should ever be forced to make.

It’s hard to comprehend moving forward. On the one hand my mouth still waters at thoughts of the next Utz crunch. You can’t erase it in a moment. On the other hand, the idea of that iconic red-white-blue bag in a Yankee Stadium luxury suite offends all that I believe to be decent and good.

Where we go from here is an open question, but I’ll say this: it’s your move, Martin’s.

(hat tip on this to citythatbreeds.com)

20 comments to It Might Be Time To Boycott Utz

  • dan the man

    Lol wow. Is there no dignity left for our fair city? I’m still gonna be rocking some crab chips, but damn. Babe Ruth -> Mike Mussina -> Tex -> Burnett -> CHIPS.

    That’s messed up.

  • Tomás


    Besides this shocking revelation, I was also surprised that your pick at the end was the same as mine was in my mind for a replacement. I LOVE Martin’s kettle chips. I can get them at home in The Land West of Fredneck, but over the 68 rollercoaster and into Morgantown the closest I can get is this WV brand called Mister Bee’s; it’s not bad actually, not at all greasy.

  • Greg

    The first thing that came to mind was echoed in the comments: Herr’s makes a better Crab Chip anyway. Little did I know that Herr’s actually licensed the use of real Old Bay while Utz uses a knock off. Makes perfect sense actually.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    Goodbye, Mr. Chips

    don’t let the door hit ya. scumbag.

  • dan the man

    @ Greg:
    True…the crab chip is pretty much the MSG chip.

  • Mike R

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Whats next, natty boh?

  • I hate to tell you this, but I almost can’t bare to give up the Kettle Classics- Salt and Vinegar. That has been my “go to” chip for years.

    In the end, UTZ is only hurting themselves. They sold their soul and they will just be spit out by those ungrateful people in NY.

    Then what, we will accept them back like we did with Baines, Bordick, Surhoff and Miggy.

  • This is devastating.

  • Utz sure knows how to cut to the core. There are few things in life worse than this, a girl cheating on you and a father leaving home. Ouch!

  • PhilR8

    Utz has been a major part of the Yankees for years and has had a huge billboard in right field since t least 1996. In fact, when the new stadium was built a few years ago, it was made sure that Utz would have the same billboard location as they had in the old stadium.

    Shouldn’t we all be happy that a Baltimore institution has been successful and made it to the bigtime? New York is the largest market in the country, right?

    To me, this is akin to boycotting Under Armour because they became the official technical fabric supplier of the Yankees or Red Sox. Would you all boycott Under Armour if you saw Douchera wearing it? Let’s get ahold of ourselves here.

  • Not sure if anyone noticed, but Utz and Snyder’s merged a while back. They’re a much bigger corporate concern now. Being the official snack chip of the Yankees makes perfect sense now.

  • ryan97ou

    i was randomly watching some show on the travel channel last night where they were traveling to the most remote spots of mongolia (we’re talking no roads there, where nomads move throughout the year depending on climate, and literally live off the land and animals they herd, etc)

    and he was visiting, as far as i could tell, pretty legit hinterland folk. and for the sake of the vegans out there i won’t describe how they prepared their meal for that night…

    but my point is, as they were cutting from one scene to another what do i see in the corner of my eye but one of the younger nomads wearing a yankee’s hat.

    my point: this is WAY beyond us. and we’re not gonna win. *taking marbles and going home *


  • ryan97ou

    Ryan wrote:

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but Utz and Snyder’s merged a while back. They’re a much bigger corporate concern now. Being the official snack chip of the Yankees makes perfect sense now.

    actually ryan that merger got nixed. i know my snack food gossip. and yes, it is true utz has had an ad in yankee stadium for as far as i can remember. i will still happily buy their salt and pepper chips.

  • PhilR8

    @ ryan97ou:

    Woulda been a snack food powerhouse. Snyder’s Nibblers plus Grandma Utz = unstoppable

  • @ ryan97ou:
    You are correct sir. Rejected by the FTC. Now I am more sad than I was before.

  • Mr. Boh better be taking that ring back now.

  • Chris

    i LOL’d @ “game-changing snack”

  • Tomás

    @ ryan97ou:
    So what you’re trying to say is that…I have a new reason to hate on Mongolians now?

  • neal s

    @ Chris: That line and “I’m torn between deliciousness and dignity” were written specifically with you in mind.

  • Miles

    Am I correct in assuming this sponship is due directly to the break-up of the Sally Utz-Mr. Boh marriage?

    I don’t buy potato chips very often, but I’ll tell you that I’ll never buy a bag of Utz with the Yankees logo on the package.


    And, as a side note, Herr’s might have the actual Old Bay chips, but Utz’s taste much better.