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Keeping Tabs On the World Cup

Today is a big one for US Soccer as they square off against Algeria with simple math: win and they advance. Things get significantly more complicated with a draw or loss, but if they take care of business they’re in.

The other side of the group features leader Slovenia squaring off against England. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve got a lot of Slovenian heritage and I’ve been pulling for them to advance. For me the ideal scenario has been that both they and the US get through. As such their draw last week against the US (however arguably ill-gotten) was my preferred result, given the points-based system that determines who goes and who stays.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the advancement scenario.

I’ll be staying abreast of both matches this morning and probably posting comments along the way. I might be alone in that but so be it. I figure it’s a good way to break the rhythm a bit here.

Then later today I’m watching Stephen Strasburg pitch again. If any relevant thoughts emerge I’ll post them accordingly.

And, yeah, I realize it’s sad that two soccer matches and a Nats game rate higher for me today than whatever the Orioles are going to do. But that’s “rate higher,” not “I don’t care what the O’s do.” You can have my O’s when you pry them from my cold, dead hands.

7 comments to Keeping Tabs On the World Cup

  • neal s

    Another disallowed goal for the US. Meanwhile, England goes up 1-0 on Slovenia.

  • neal s

    0-0 US and Algeria at the half, England still up 1-0. I believe that if these results hold it would be England and Slovenia advancing. Plenty of time left to play, though.

  • dan the man

    What exactly has to take place for a goal to be disallowed? Did they ever explain that last disallowed one that cost them the win, or is that just a blatant middle finger to the US?

  • neal s

    Today it was a questionable offsides call, in the other match it was a phantom penalty (that may or may not have been a makeup call).

  • neal s


    Landon Donovan just singlehandedly pushed the US through to the next round with a goal in stoppage time. He doesn’t score that goal, the US goes home. Incredible.

  • I was so despondent towards the end of this game, not just because beer hall I was at was playing the England game (with only quick shots back of the USA game), but also of the thought that USA had lost and f’ing England would advance with their overrated team. Then all of a sudden they switched back to the USA game and all I saw was a dog pile of American players. I cannot tell you how surreal it all was to watch that. So so SO glad England gets to face Germany in the next round, will cheer for their defeat, and not the USA.

  • @ Tomás: I was sure the US was done and I’d been drinking all game with no break, so during the 89th minute I finally gave in and went to piss.
    As soon as I leave the bathroom, the bar erupts and people are jumping all over each other. I look up at the TV and there’s a dogpile of US players and a “1” next to the USA on the scoreboard where there used to be a “0”.
    So I missed what was most likely the most important goal in US soccer history, but it was well worth it to get the result. Plus I got to pee.