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Orioles’ Offseason Coming Into Focus

Although the Mark Reynolds trade remains the only move the O’s have made as of press time, a snapshot of the current scenario(s) seems to show that things are starting to take shape.

To summarize most of what I’ve been reading…

First Base: Both Konerko and Pena are off the market, with the latter having said that he gave “serious thought” to signing here.

That leaves Adam LaRoche and Derrek Lee as the top two remaining candidates. The Nationals are also in pursuit of a first baseman, having lost Adam Dunn earlier.

Bullpen: All indications are that the O’s will do quite a bit in this area between now and spring training. Early reports have them in heavily on Kevin Gregg, but nothing’s certain yet. Folks are also saying that Koji Uehara seems likely to return.

Shortstop: It appears — thankfully — that the proposed trade involving Jason Bartlett for Nolam Reimold is dead. Good on Andy for knowing when to fold ’em as far as that goes.

Next up? Perhaps a trade for J.J. Hardy or Brendan Ryan, or perhaps bring back Izturis.

Starting Pitching: This is the area around which I’ve heard the least buzz so far. As of now I don’t expect a top-of-the-rotation starter to be landing in Baltimore anytime soon, if at all. I gather that they will add someone, but it might be a #3-4 type guy and not an anchor.

Did I miss anything?

It’s too early to give MacPhail a grade on his Winter Meeting performance, but I have a hunch we’ll feel at least OK and maybe better before all is said and done. Fingers crossed.

7 comments to Orioles’ Offseason Coming Into Focus

  • ryan97ou

    i also heard the o’s were possibly interested in vlad guerrero if we don’t get a better bat at 1st base and/or SS to use as a DH.

    not sure what i think about that.

  • dan the man

    @ ryan97ou:
    I think that’s probably a fallback plan in which Luke Scott is your first baseman.

    Glad to see Koji back. That’s huge.

    Also glad to see we are zeroing in on Hardy, a guy who, if he’s in decline, will have to decline for like 5 more years to even match the sorry offense of Cesar Izturis. Chance for .275 with 30 doubles out of my shortstop? Sign me up.

    The Sox are disgustingly good again with Gonzalez and now Crawford. It’s just gross. And depressing. I’ll just keep focusing on our own offseason though, which I think is going fairly well so far all things considered.

    Sad to see Flat Breezy decided to sign with the Braves – that would have been fun.

  • dan the man

    Also, has anyone checked out Brendan Ryan’s defensive highlights? HOLY GOD. If you thought Cesar could pick it… this kid is straight ridiculous. He seems like kind of a white trash little jerk, but I think I could buy into that. I want someone on this team to get under the opponent’s skin. Ryan or Hardy – I’m down with either one.

  • dan the man


    Hardy and Harris for Hoey and Jacobson.

    Andy does it again!

  • Dan H

    @ dan the man:
    Yeah, total ripoff. It makes me kind of wonder if the Twins know something know one else does. They are usually pretty astute when comes to putting together a ballclub. No way that’s all a salary dump is it?

  • dan the man

    @ Dan H:
    Actually, the Twins have been pretty poor in the trade department. They’re good just about everywhere else, though. They didn’t get nearly enough value for Santana or Garza/Bartlett when they made those trades.

  • Dan H

    @ dan the man:
    Well, that’s definitely true. I forgot about those deals. But this is way lopsided. If the Twins FO were in my fantasy league, I would veto the shit out of this.