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Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 6)

There’s no way I could talk strictly sports tonight. Not after watching that MarylandMichigan State game. An absolute heartbreaker. It would have been easier to take had Vasquez not led that late-game rally to put them within a buzzer-beater of the win. I’d rather lose by 20 than go down that way.

Such is March. The thrillers cut both ways.

I’m with Dan on this one: Spring Training is getting old. I’ll say, though, that I liked what Kevin Millwood had to say after his outing today. I dig the approach, I dig the attitude.

Why didn’t anybody tell me about Townes Van Zandt? I mean, I knew about him already but today was the first time I dug in and listened. Our Mother the Mountain is a hell of a record.

Which reminds me that I heartily endorse Lala.com for finding and listening to new music. They’ve got pretty much everything and you can listen to entire albums one time through for free as a preview. After that you can buy albums and/or individual songs for either web-only listening (which is a great value) or for both web and MP3 download.

If you click that link and sign up I get some credits for web purchases. That’s a win both ways, but I’d recommend the site regardless of anything I might get out of you checking it out.

A Continuos Lean posted some cool pictures of old-time LA (including the one attached to this post). This weather we’ve been enjoying has a very Southern California feel, and I think that if LA still looked like it does in those pictures I’d live there right now.

Has anyone been to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment? Is it worth a visit? Sure looks like it.

This library of artifacts is amazing — dig the story of one murderous ice mallet.

Great view of my favorite Orioles shoulder patch.

Nice writeup on Mitchell & Ness, manufacturers of vintage sports uniforms. Courtesy of a recently discovered favorite, The Reference Council.

I’m not sure what to make of the explosion of Tumblr/Posterous sites where people gather and post images. I have one of my own, though, and have started following a few. Endless me, in particular, has become a favorite. Motorcycles, race cars, pretty girls. Warning, though: some of the pics are mildly NSFW.

Rest. Be well.

11 comments to Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 6)

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  • Miles

    Good call on the SoCal weather yesterday. The wife and I had brunch with a friend in Fells (Waterfront Hotel, phenomenal as always). The Rec Pier was absolutely beautiful, and I could see Camden Yards off to the west, whispering “Opening Day is three weeks away”…

  • Andrew

    Neal, I’m wondering if Spring Training has affected your outlook re:Pie, Atkins, Scott, and Reimold. I don’t personally take anything from Spring Training (nothing drastic enough has happened to take me away from the “Pie should be the left fielder” POV) but with Reimold looking gimpy and Pie looking pretty good, I’m curious if your interest in Team Pie has been piqued.

  • neal s

    I’ll admit that Reimold has had a troubling spring but, nah, it doesn’t do much to change my opinion. I still think this team is at its best — at least entering the season — with Pie getting ABs as a rotating fourth outfielder, Reimold in left, Atkins at first, and Luuuuuuuke at DH.

    Now that said, once the games get started I think DT and the boys should pay careful attention to who’s doing what and not hesitate to shuffle things around if need be. If we enter May with Reimold plodding along at .235 and having trouble with his range while Pie’s making plays and raking at .290 then, yeah, might be time to reconsider.

  • Andrew

    @neal s – Can’t argue with your reasoning in terms of not using ST as a basis for decision making.

    On another note, I was in Philly this weekend visiting a friend and flipping through some pictures of my last visit to Baltimore (Mets series in June) and it’s just funny how some really, really sharp and classy photos make you yearn to get back to whatever (for me in this case it’s obviously OPACY and crabhouses and the Clipper City). Those pics in tumblr and of LA give a palpable sense to that sehnsucht feeling as well.

    It’s weird, but it takes the sharp sting out of…certain sharp stingy events that shall remain nameless.

  • dan the man

    Something about the graininess of those 70s era photos just boosts the sexiness, doesn’t it?

    On the O’s, it’s good to see the rotation have a solid few days (aside from Guts, who will go tomorrow so we’ll see). Pie really is just tearing it up every time he gets a start this spring. While I definitely don’t think his stats warrant him starting over Reimold, it does make starting him in LF with Reimold DHing a comfortable option. While the Achilles thing isn’t good, it could make it easier for DT to get Pie more at bats, which I guess is the silver lining.

    Roberts hitting pain free is nice, but this thing is going to make me nervous all year I can already tell.

    Speaking of good spring stats, Ohman has been surprisingly good (downright dominant, actually) after that shoulder(?) injury he had last year. Spring stats don’t mean much, but when you’re that dominant, it at least says that you’re healthy and not throwing meatballs.

    Ramble ramble O’s ramble.

  • Ballmer Bruce

    Check out Guy Clark and Steve Earle if you found that you liked Townes van Zandt.

  • Ballmer Bruce

    If you want to give Reimold his at bats during recovery, why not give Pie more time in left field. Reimold could get his at bats as DH with Luke splitting time with Pie in LF.

  • neal s

    @Ballmer Bruce – I did check out some Guy Clark and it was intriguing. Earle is a guy I’ve long respected but have never really gotten into. Might be time to change that.

    As far as Reimold-Pie, you’re right that it makes sense to give Nolan at-bats at DH if he’s not up to speed. I still think, though, that based on last year it should be Reimold in left unless he’s absolutely not ready. I really believe in that guy, both on offense and on D.

  • Ballmer Bruce

    Hey Neal S. Take a listen to Earle’s “Train A Comin” album. This is a great album.

    RE: Reimold. I am afraid the club is going to push this guy before he is phyically ready. No question they should be conservative with him rather than push him and try to win maybe three or four more games in total.

  • Andrew

    @Ballmer Bruce – I really, really, really doubt that playing Reimold at DH and platooning Pie and Scott in left (or even better, strict-platooning Atkins and Pie with Scott shifting between first and left) would cost the Orioles 30-40 runs over the course of a month or so. That’d be completely ridiculous.

    I’m not trying to be a smartass, I just want to preach that saying trying to predict win totals is a lot different from what a lot of people’s preconceptions of it are. You hear from some of the …less enlightened bunch that the Orioles should have signed Matt Holliday “because he’d add ten wins all by himself”. Well, no. No no no. That’s just crazy talk.