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Ravens to Abandon Purple?

I woke this morning to a text message from one of my sports media friends that contained the promise of tantalizing news. A follow-up phone call delivered the goods.

The Ravens are poised to unveil new uniforms later this spring. Most things (including the logo) figure to remain as they are, but there’s one huge change coming: purple is out like Ricky Martin.

Instead, the team is shifting to a shade of midnight blue as their primary color. The reasoning, as relayed to me, is as simple as it is unassailable: midnight blue is both more aesthetically pleasing than purple and also more befitting the name “Ravens”.

From what I’ve been able to gather this is a change that a lot of folks within the organization have wanted for awhile. Steve Bisciotti, in particular, has apparently never liked purple. He believes that the Vikings own that color and that the Ravens should have something of their own. When the team’s marketing folks pointed out that no other club uses deep blue as their primary color — and that the change wasn’t so drastic that it would compromise brand identity — he signed off.

Word is that the blue they’re using tilts toward purple enough that it won’t alienate fans, and it won’t look anything like what the Cowboys or Rams use.

No confirmation yet on when they’ll officially unveil the new unis, but I’m told you should probably mark this day on your calendar.

Personally, I think this is a brilliant move. It’s time. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

21 comments to Ravens to Abandon Purple?

  • dan the man

    Not gonna get me this year, Neal!

    Great album though, by the way.

  • Stephanie

    You had me for a minute!

  • dan the man

    Lugo traded to the O’s, and that ain’t no April Fools joke. Guess this means Andino is out and we have a better bat on the bench and Roberts insurance. Remains to be seen if he’ll be a malcontent being relegated to the bench, but I bet they rest Roberts a couple times a week early on. Lugo kind of sucks, but I mean, hey, he hit .280/.352/.405 last year.



  • Andrew

    @dan the man – Lugo is a definite upgrade over Andino (but then, heck, I think Alex Cintron would have been, too) as an offensive tool, but I’d doubt that he can pick it better than ‘dino.

    I don’t really see the point of this move. I mean, obviously they don’t think Roberts is going to be ready for next week, but the sum total difference between Andino and Lugo isn’t really gonna be noticeable. It’s sort of a nothing move.

    Also, Julio Lugo has long been one of the few players that I absolutely detest. Uuuggh.

  • dan the man

    Yeah he’s no fan favorite, that’s for sure. He’s kind of a knucklehead. I think the O’s really frowned on Andino hotdogging it yesterday (and in general). Plus he can’t hit.

  • dan the man

    Apparently, Andy was in the stands when he made that play (which I unfortunately didn’t see, but it was apparently BAD) and Palmer ripped him on the broadcast. Not saying that’s the reason he didn’t make the team, but your GM is right there in the stands, dude. Honestly, though, this trade was probably already going to happen. And why not? Especially when the Red Sox are paying close to $9million dollars to play hear. Ha! Zrebiec says O’s are paying the league minimum for him.

    I wonder if the PTBNL could be Albers if he doesn’t stick on the roster and they have to waive him?

  • dan the man

    “Here” not “hear”, Dan. Come on now.

  • Miles

    Lugo – an overpaid replacement-level palooka. An empty batting average and a low OBP (albeit higher than Andino, no doubt).


    This is not a McPhailian move, even if there are other moves afoot.

  • Andrew

    @dan the man – It’d be a bad trade if it’s Albers for Lugo since, like I said, I think these guys are a wash. I’d guess it probably ends up being a cash transaction – seems like these really minor deals usually do.

    Oh well. I never really liked Andino anyway, and anything that keeps ‘dino out of the top of the lineup is a good thing in my book.

  • Miles

    BP puts Lugo’s 2010 VORP at 6.3 and Andino’s -2.2.

    So many million dollars are we going to wind up paying for an 8 run difference?

  • Andrew

    @Miles – VORP doesn’t use defense, which at least covers the gap since Lugo has been rated across the board as pretty poor in the field. I assume that the Orioles are paying league minimum (though they’ll be on the hook for ‘dino’s salary, too), so money’s not an issue.

  • dan the man

    @Miles – We aren’t paying even a million. Zrebiec already reported that the Sox are paying his $9mil salary to be our backup infielder. Which I freaking love.

    Lugo is a question mark in the character department, what with the domestic abuse issue he had awhile ago, but he’s apparently done the counseling thing and it appears to be behind him. Andy values good character, so it appears Lugo would pass the test. Roch sort of hinted in the comments that the player reactions to this news would be different than their reactions of the Moeller news, which could mean that Andino was not popular in the clubhouse.

  • Greg

    @Miles – .352 is not a low OBP. Only two Orioles last year (Reimold and Roberts) had higher. Pretty good for a guy on the bench.

  • Andrew

    @Greg – It did just (and I mean just) occur to me that the one benefit Lugo gives the Orioles over Andino is the late inning pinch hitter. Now you can bring in Lugo in the bottom of the ninth with two on in a close game for Izturis and you probably gain a significant WPA. But is Lugo a better hitter than our other options in that scenario?


    Well, he’s probably better than Wiggy but there’s no way you’d go with Lugo over whichever outfielder is on the bench. If the Orioles are planning on sitting Atkins a lot, then Lugo becomes the primary pinch-hitter (because his OBP is going to be better than Atkins), but I doubt Atkins sits much, or that the Orioles opt for Lugo over Atkins.

    I also can’t get past that I just plain don’t like Julio Lugo. The dude beat up his wife. He looks like a little hairless dog. He rode the coattails of the Red Sox in 2007. He’s representative of the old Devil Rays. ARGH!

  • dan the man

    @Andrew – It’s a bit curious but at least he’s not a starting player. It’s unquestionably an upgrade from Andino. It’s been a weird week or two for the O’s.

    Let’s say the O’s hit decently and play good defense. If the pitching gets shelled, is DT still going to have to take the fall? Random thought.

  • Greg

    Lugo unquestionably makes this team better. We aren’t paying anything for him. He not only backs up Izturis like Andino, but he backs up Roberts at second adequately (and we may need him :O). He hits better than Andino. He can steal bases and pinch run. He’s not an awful choice to pinch hit (unlike Andino). The move makes too much sense.

    Unfortunately it’s not move to print playoff tickets for. It’s just another example of why football isn’t the only game of inches.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    hahaaaa josh bell traded.

    and i’m the first one to report it…

  • Tomás

    @Big Ben’s Motorcycle – where are you even getting that? It’s nowhere online, not ESPN, MLBtradrumors, and the only mention I’ve seen of “josh bell” and “trade” on google, is his trade to the O’s last summer.

  • neal s

    @Tomás – BBM is pulling our legs an a 04/01 kind of way.

  • Tomás

    Oh. Well I’m pretty sure April 2nd isn’t the same day as April 1st. Whatever.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    mcnabb to the skins!!!!!!