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The Depths of Cleveland’s Misery

It’s a rough time to be a Cleveland sports fan. The Indians — in town tonight for the first of three — are 13-19 and going nowhere quickly. The Cavaliers just got bounced from the NBA playoffs and may very well lose LeBron James to free agency.

Ahh, that. LeBron. “King” James. A pretty good basketball player. It’d make sense that the city of Cleveland would want him to stick around. Who wouldn’t? But there’s got to be a limit to how far you’ll go, and Cleveland went way the hell over it. That’s just sad. I’m not even trying to make fun or criticize — it’s genuinely sad.

To the Cleveland fans out there, you have my sympathies. Unless you were a part of making that video, in which case you have my very deep concern for your well being.

That all said I hope the downward spiral continues here in Baltimore this weekend. Two more out of three would take another chunk out of the Terrifically Horrendous Start and represent some genuine momentum.

By the way, anyone going to the game either Saturday or Monday? Pretty good chance I’ll be there for both nights. If you’re doing likewise we should meet up.

18 comments to The Depths of Cleveland’s Misery

  • Andrew

    There is no such thing as momentum.

    As sad as that is, and it really, really, really is…I can totally see us doing basically the same thing 2 years ago for a certain hometown slugger. Well, maybe not the same thing (Oh God), but the sentiment at the bottom of it would be exactly the same. And that scares the fucking shit out of me. It really, really does.

    I was actually pondering going tomorrow night or Sunday. I haven’t been to the Yard since I moved to Virginia, and I’d like to go there before I go to see the birds in DC. It depends on a few things.

  • neal s

    Gary Thorne after Luke Scott made it 5-1:

    “Jeremy Guthrie’s over there ordering pies and cakes for everyone.”

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i, big ben’s motorcycle, hereby swear that i have watched this game in its entirety.


    good luck charm?

  • Kevin

    “It’s hard to call somebody off when you’re blowing a bubble.”
    -Jim Palmer on the fly ball between AJ and C-Pat

  • neal s

    @ Andrew: Somehow I had a feeling you’d say that. I, of course, respectfully disagree.

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle: Damn straight it’s a good luck charm. I’m actually stunned by this revelation.

    @ Kevin: I heard that one and it was quite good but no way does it top “pies and cakes for everyone.”

  • Miles

    Dear Bizarro Corey Patterson,

    I saw you draw a walk tonight.

    Real Corey Patterson would never do that.

    What did you do with him? Please don’t let him escape. I like you better than the real one.


  • Miles

    But seriously, folks…

    Picked up some gratis bleacher seats for tonight’s game and waited out the rain delay to watch that little gem of a game.

    Guts really acquitted himself nicely after that first inning, and I can’t remember the last time I saw the skipper come out to the mound and not yank the starter. Mega-kudos to guts.

    And seriously… Corey Patterson? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???

  • neal s

    I made a promise to myself to not get overly excited about Corey Patterson. This is still a guy with a career average of .252 and OBP of .290. That’s after 3,504 at-bats which means there’s more than enough track record to justify the skepticism.

    That said…

    There’s a reason he was once a top prospect and it’s not crazy to think that a guy who’s still only 30 years old might have learned a few things while struggling to find a spot.

    None of which matters at all right now. He’s producing and helping the team win games, and I’ll take that for as long as it lasts.

  • Mike R

    Went to the game tonight as well. They pounded out 14 hits. And they were solid, hard hit balls. Not those bloop singles, dying quails. They were tattooing it out there which is gret to see. Also drew 8 walks. I think 2 were HBP, but it’s good to see us being more selective, getting to hitters counts, getting those good pitches and smoking em. Now, don’t change a thing Trembley. Send the exact same lineup out there tomorrow please.

    As for Lebron, I’ll have zero respect for him if he doesnt stay in Cleveland. That team has bent over backward trying to fill holes to make them a championship team. It sucks he plays in a league where you get zero effort from players without the ball, unless its the finals. (I’ve had this arguement before. NBA, hardly anyone moves without the ball. No one steps in the lane and tries to draw a charge, no hustle down the court). He’s the only one on his team that plays defense, and does get back on a fast break. If he goes to the Knicks or the Clippers it is clearly cause thats where all the celebs live, and he cares more about that than winning a title. Which is sad for an athlete in any sport. It cant be for the money because the Cavs can pay him more than any othr team.

  • Greg

    Neal, I will be at the Saturday and Monday games, if you’re interested in meeting up.

  • Andrew

    It’s more a joke than anything at this point, Neal. A reflex, if you will.

    I wouldn’t get too excited about Korey, either, but a hot streak is a hot streak. Let’s ride it as long as we can (or until Nolan rights himself).

  • Yup, all you can do with Corey if enjoy it. Let’s not go any further. Good for him and good for the Orioles. He’s a good, likable dude and can be a nice player sometimes. I like Corey.

    Same with Scott. Ride the wave, baby. He’s in full on God Mode right now, pun intended. The double-take grand slam is probably the funniest moment of the season, hands down.

    The Guthrie Question was looming large in the offseason and so far it looks like he’s in the middle of a rebound season up to this point. Unfortunately he seems to have his bad games against NY and BOS, but it’s just good to see him go deep and keep the ball in the ballpark for the most part.

    I’m glad Samuel laid into Jones when he failed to score on that ground out. You’re better than that, Jonesy.

    Happy Matusz Day.

  • Mike R


    Found this cool website, if you wanna add it to the list. Saw it in the paper the other day.


  • dan the man

    And oh yeah – no pity for LeBron James right now. For one because I’m a Celtics fan and it’s way easier to root for the 3 uber-professional and mostly drama-less Hall of Famers on that team. But what really made me sour on James was his downright stupid quote after his inexcusable disappearance in the Game 5 blowout, which was something like, “When you have three bad games in seven years, it’s easy to point that out.” Wow, man.

  • dan the man

    That “We Are LeBron” video is stooping to a level that is borderline disgusting. Like… you’re begging a millionaire basketball player to stay on the team by singing to the tune of a song about world peace. Really?

  • dan the man

    Matusz looking good so far. He hits that inside corner against righties just like Erik used to do. Love that.

  • Greg

    That was up there with one of the most depressing games I’ve been to. I went to a similar one last year when the Rangers walked off with the game in the ninth.

  • Greg

    From Roch’s comments:

    Jusbob | May 15, 2010 9:41 PM

    Does this mean that our closer served up a plate of Dinger Alfredo?

    I loled