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West Coast Baseball, NFL Draft

Two quick hits:

First, I’ll be posting our annual Official Loss Column Mock Draft tomorrow. It comes to you, as always, courtesy of semi-regular commenter and infrequent but valued contributor Chris. I’ve seen it and it’s a winner. Stay tuned.

Second, David Hernandez takes the hill tonight out in Seattle. And Bergesen has been sent to Norfolk…and Pie is out for something like three months…and Brian Roberts faces a long road back…and on and on.

Are the Orioles cursed? Probably.

17 comments to West Coast Baseball, NFL Draft

  • neal s

    Awfully quiet around here today. Losing will do that I suppose.

  • Mike R


  • Mike R

    guess i needed to be more speciffic. By “we” I meant the Orioles. Not Seattle. 3-1 Mariners now, and here comes the pen. At least we dont have to face felix tomorrow. What?….Say again…..I see…..correction. We face felix tomorrow. Nearly got no-hit by some dude named Fister, Felix could very well make history tomorrow. its gonna get ugly.

  • Mike R

    haha. Thorne just said he went out and bought willie nelson’s new album. Listened to it while he “worked” in his hotel room before the game. Happy 420 Gary Thorne. and Izzy makes a routine 2 out error. here we go…

  • dan the man

    Adam Jones has a .209 batting average since the All-Star game last season. Does he still have something in him or are we really, seriously on the verge of bust status for our CF of the future? I guess you gotta give him a break until the veterans like Markakis, Scott, and Tejada hit like they are capable of. I think Jones saw like 11 pitches in 4 ABs tonight, though.

    I’ve never seen such an inept offense before for this long of a stretch. The O’s are damn close to last in the league for pitches seen, and must be right there in the RISP department, too. What can be done, though?

  • dan the man

    I agree with Schmuck’s latest post about moving guys to third after leadoff doubles. It’s on DT to give the bunt sign in the situations when every single hitter is in a funk. Why make everyone practice bunting in spring training if you’re not going to make them do it in these kinds of situations? What other situations are there in which you would want to bunt?

    I’m getting frustrated with Dave recently. He’s gotta start thinking outside of the box. Do something. Try anything. Your job is at stake.

  • dan the man

    Not to keep harping on it, but I’m just upset about Trembley right now. He just got asked point blank about Lugo not hustling to 1B and said he didn’t know what play that was and that all the guys are trying as hard as they can.

    Come on, Dave.

    Come on. Even though I get up every morning and take Orange Kool Aid showers, I’m not buying this shit. DROP THE FUCKING HAMMER. I’m sure guys are trying hard most of the time, but really? That’s all you got?

    What happened to playing for pride and respect? What happened to infield practice? Fundamentals?

    I dunno man. I might be done with DT. And I never though I’d say that. Even when I know it’s the players’ faults the majority of the time, he’s just not doing enough. I realize he can’t do much, but if you’re not maximizing your potential as a manager by throwing down a few bunts or recognizing lack of hustle, then what the hell are you doing.

    The off day is coming and I wonder if he already knows he’s gone.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i think the orioles might finish in last place this year.

  • @ dan the man:

    Agreed about the Lugo play. While it was unfolding, Jim Palmer was already harping on it. He pointed out that the runner makes the infielder’s job easier by not hustling. It lets him know that he has time to set his feet and make a good throw. The camera actually cut to the dugout as Lugo came back to the bench, and Thorne pointed out that no one said A WORD to Lugo. Gary point-blank said that Trembley should have pulled his ass from the game right there. I’m usually against reactionary moves like that…but come on. We’ve got a 36-year-old infielder who can’t hit his weight, and a largely untested rookie waiting on the bench. Make an example. No wonder this team is shuffling around like a bunch of sad sacks.

  • sci

    Blah. This offense is horrid. I know Roberts is out, but with the exception of Wigginton (of all people), how is NO ONE else stepping up at all? Trembley will be fired on the off day. I will be shocked if he’s not. I actually think today’s game might be make or break for him. If the O’s are swept by a struggling, injured Seattle team while putting up nary a hint of resistance, it just seems like it’s time for a change, doesn’t it? I guess if they win convincingly and put up a good effort, he may last a bit longer.

    A 2-14 start would get most managers on a tentative, 1-year contract fired.

  • sci

    We got shut down by Jason Vargas for god’s sake. It’s really unacceptable…

  • Larry

    @ dan the man: I’m with you, Dan. I’ve stuck by DT, but the Lugo shuffle made me sick. It may be the tipping point. Also, I know that Justin Turner isn’t going to be this team’s savior, but what gives? Lugo was cast-off by two teams. We know the upside with this guy. When veterans don’t run out ground balls, especially on a young team like this, it’s poison. Let Turner play.

  • dan the man

    Lugo was a questionable MacPhail acquisition at best. Time to cut him and let Andino come up. He at least will, you know, get a hit every now and then.

  • Andrew

    @ dan the man:
    It feels like – outside of Millwood who has been better than great – all of MacPhail’s winter acquistions have kind of blown up in his face so far:

    Tejada’s hurt and not hitting.
    Atkins isn’t showing anything.
    Gonzalez is hurt and terrible.
    Lugo is re-inventing lollygagging.


  • dan the man

    @ Andrew:
    Yup, can’t say I disagree. I still have faith in Tejada because the entire offense is shit right now, but yeah.

    Time to switch up some things.

  • Dan H

    i dont have anything to say, i just noticed that the anti spam word was zombies so i typed in orioles and it went thru.

  • neal s

    @ Dan H: hahaha well played.