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Milestone: Loss Column Comment #20,000

I’m not sure I can fully wrap my head around this, but here’s a fact: The Loss Column is four-and-a-half years old. We’ve been publishing news and views about Baltimore sports (and other matters as they come up) for something like 54 months.

In that time I’ve gotten married, one of my best friends had a kid, the Orioles have had four managers (if you count Juan Samuel), America transitioned from Bush to Obama, the Ravens canned Billick and hired Harbaugh, and we all lived through one of the worst economic crises this country has ever seen. To name just a few.

The site itself has grown, receded, grown again, changed. We had some fun with the “Take Back the Yard” rally. We went through a significant redesign. We’ve had epic conversations about the teams we love. I managed to get myself on the radio (thanks, Fighting Ungers and Michael Popovec). We learned that Pain Don’t Hurt.

I’ve met a large handful of great folks along the way on both a personal and professional level. Pretty good run, for sure. I can’t think of a single significant regret.

And now we’ve reached one hell of a ridiculous milestone: 20,000 comments.

Andrew, formerly of Rochester, became the guilty party when he checked in on 02/09/11 at 6:29 PM. No fanfare or balloons falling from the ceiling but there it is.

As promised, there is a reward. To wit: one vintage O’s cartoon bird logo patch (pictured above, about 1.5 inches wide) and a six-pack of Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (or the beer of your choice if that doesn’t strike your fancy).

It’s nice to take stock, and the plan as far as I can see it is to stick around to maybe see where we’re at when we hit 30k. I’m amped about the upcoming season and I’m excited to have TLC be a part of it.

All credit goes to you, the reader. Thanks as always for your time, your attention, and your contributions. You’re the reason this place exists and I hope you’ll continue to be that in the coming weeks, months, etc.

Happy Spring Training/Valentine’s Day.

6 comments to Milestone: Loss Column Comment #20,000

  • Andrew

    Well I told myself I wouldn’t cry, but here I am. Let’s see, in the past four and a half years I:

    graduated college
    got to adopt a city as home
    left that home for new adventures
    have had four jobs
    seen a best friend have a kid
    seen a different best friend get married
    watched a lot of crappy baseball
    watched a lot of really good football

    …oh wait, shit. I just realized the weirdest, truest, weirdest thing ever. Today is also my 4 and a half year anniversary with my girlfriend. We started dating October the 14th in 2006 of the year of our lord, after having watched the Mets choke away to the Cardinals in the NLCS. Weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird.

    Anyway, I’m still with the girl (though we do not see each other very often), and I’m still here, too. I’ve even met Neal! He was not exactly what I expected, but he has good taste in shoes.

  • Andrew

    I realized immediately following that that TLC was actually started 2 months prior, so it’s considerably less weird (and honestly, a little less cool), but all the same, I’ve only ever stuck with two things nearly as long as the Loss Column as stuck with talkin’ bmore sports, and that’s saying something. Cheers to that.

  • Dave

    If Dogfish Head 60-minute IPA doesn’t strike your fancy, your fancy could use some fixin’.

    Keep on keepin’ on Neal. Great site.

  • dan the man

    @ Andrew:
    Congrats, dude! Long live TLC.

    I’ll always have 19,999. Story of my life!

    But seriously, there are few places on the internets that I have frequented as long as TLC. A summer of Orioles baseball just wouldn’t feel right without being able to come here and freak out about whatever amazing/terrible thing is happening in the game.

    By the way, 85-77, officially.

  • Bold prediction. Damn sure would like to see ’em break 90, but I’ll be happy with .500 ball for sure.

    So who’s gonna’ take Pujols?

  • Andrew

    I have ’em at 82 wins….but it just feels like last year when I said “76 wins”. It didn’t take me long to feel like a moron homer.