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Nostalgia Files: Orioles World Series Rings

For some reason I got to thinking, “I wonder if there are any pictures of Orioles championship rings online…?” Turns out there are, mostly from sports memorabilia auction sites. I couldn’t help but stare and I thought you all might like a look, as well. Enjoy.

click for larger versions

15 comments to Nostalgia Files: Orioles World Series Rings

  • Mike R

    Neal, every now and then I look back in the archives to read some comments on things long gone. I read your post from April 7th, 2010. A year ago today was the day after opening day last year and you mentioned first impressions. I look back on these quotes, knowing what we know now, and chuckle a little:

    “Brian Roberts made diving efforts at 2B without any sign of injury”

    “I really enjoyed watching Kevin Millwood. It’s refreshing to see a veteran starting pitcher out there who can actually pitch.”

    “Adam Jones is going to lead vocally and by example.”


  • neal s

    Mike R wrote:

    I look back on these quotes, knowing what we know now, and chuckle a little

    You only chuckle a little? Cuz those are some preposterous statements looking back, worthy of a full-on guffaw. You’re being charitable if you only chuckle a little.

    But what can I say? Just goes to show that one game doesn’t mean much, and that baseball can be — usually is — a cruel mistress.

    We love it nonetheless.

  • neal s

    So according to Joe Angel just now, the Orioles didn’t win their second series until mid-May last year.

    And, as we know, winning series’ is what it’s all about. Win a game, lose a game, whatever. Win more series’ than you lose on the whole and that’s a successful season.

    2-0 in that department so far.

  • neal s

    Another interesting tidbit:

    According to someone I follow on Twitter (@rhodesjason), “66 teams have started 0-6. 2 reached playoffs, none reached the World Series. Only 7 finished above .500.”

    I haven’t fact-checked his figures but they make enough sense. 0-6 is, on one hand, just 6 games. On the other, 6 games in the hole is 6 games in the hole. Making that up won’t exactly be easy for either the Sox or the Rays.

  • Miles

    Nine runs?

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  • Andrew

    @ neal s:
    I’m not counting out either Tampa Bay or Boston yet by any means. The last team to have even a seven game losing streak and still win the World Series? That would be the Giants, last year.

    Feels good, though, to be trying to build a little bit of a buffer between the Orioles and .500. Unfortunately, I feel like this upcoming week is going to be a real big test starting tonight against the most potent offense going right now.

  • Rust-Man

    @ Andrew:

    Agreed. These next games against the Rangers is going to be the ‘Can they, or Can’t they’ series on whether or not we have what it takes to go the distance. Me? I think we have been playing some damn good baseball this year. And I know, its only been 6 games, but I honestly believe that the only reason we are 5-1 instead of 6-0 is because we had absolutley no pitching support on Wednesday night.

  • Tomás

    Off topic, but I’m assuming everyone else missed New Beer’s Eve this year?

  • neal s

    @ Andrew: Who said anything about counting anybody out? All I’m saying is that climbing out from under 6 games won’t be easy. Not that either team or both teams can’t do it, just that it won’t be easy.

  • dan the man

    I actually like the pitching matchups for this Rangers series – we miss CJ Wilson and we’ve got Britton, Arrieta, and possibly Guthrie. Might actually benefit the O’s if tonight’s game is rained out, although that’s no fun.

    You can bet I’ll be checking this Sox/Yanks game at 2:05 to root for 0-7. Sucks that I would be half-rooting for the Yankees, but the hilarious possibility of the Sox coming home and losing to go 0-7 against the Yanks is just too good to not root for.

  • Miles

    @ dan the man:

    Divide and conquer – I want the Sox to take at least one and maybe two of these games to temper the Yanks.

    Of course, more importantly, I want the O’s to take two out of three this weekend. Take care of our own business and all…

    Weather permitting, I’m heading to the Yard tonight to see Britton’s first Baltimore start.

    Side note: Watching Quick Pitch this morning, I am reminded of how I despise the play-by-play of Jim Hunter.


  • dan the man

    @ Miles:
    He really is bad. It’s grating. “..aaand THAT ball is goooone.” Ugh. BUT.. I will always respect him for the famous pause-for-booing when he introduced Tex on that Opening Day.

  • sci

    Verducci has a good article up on SI.com about the Red Sux pitching problems:


    How did everyone just kind of gloss over this while anointing the Sox the WS champs? I didn’t even really think about it either. They are in trouble unless these guys rebound fast. With the Yanks an injury away from starting pitching disaster and the Rays looking like they’ll have an off year, this division hasn’t been this ripe for the picking in a long time.

    Man, if Matusz comes back healthy and effective, Guthrie continues strong, Britton is the real deal, and Arrieta is at least league average, there might really be something here. Tillman still looks off to me. His fastball doesn’t touch 90 and he has trouble locating. Last night’s start was just a continual struggle. He’s kind of tortuous to watch when he’s like that. Good news is, we may not need him all that badly. Hope we make sure to give him enough starts so we can make a final judgment of some kind, but it really doesn’t look promising to me.

    This weekend will reveal a lot. If we take this series, though, tons of momentum for the rest of the hellish schedule this month…

  • Dan H

    @ dan the man:


    @ Miles:

    Seconded. Big time.

  • Andrew

    @ sci:
    there’s no such thing as momentum in baseball.


    /I do think this weekend is important as a mini-gauge, though