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Adversity Strikes

And just like that: five straight losses, three straight series losses, the loss of Nick Markakis, the demotion of Tommy Hunter, the return of poor play on the road, and the regression of both the rotation and the offense, including the utter disappearance of Matt Wieters. Wow. We all knew there might be some regression to the mean, but I’m not sure most of us expected something so sickeningly reminiscent of 2005 that it’s all but unwatchable right now.

And yet somehow, amazingly, the Orioles are still tied for 1st place in the AL East with a chance to grab the lead once again in a series against Tampa Bay that begins tonight. The bad news is that it has to be done at The Trop, with the Orioles outfield consisting of Adam Jones and two question marks, and starting off against David Price. Nobody said it was going to be easy, folks.

The Orioles desperately need to find a way to tread water until the offense comes back around and until Zach Britton – and dare I say, Brian Roberts – can get back and try to help this team. A win tonight is nothing short of the biggest win of the year, considering the stakes, the opponent, and the overall morale of Birdland.

9 comments to Adversity Strikes

  • Andrew

    I dunno about you fellas, but the demotion of Tommy Hunter strikes me as whatever the opposite of adversity is. So there’s that.

  • dan the man

    @ Andrew:
    True – Britton is going to be a better option than Hunter, no doubt. It just sucks that he wasn’t able to sustain his solid start to the season.

    Good game today…

  • dan the man

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle:
    I bet that’s actually more funny to O’s fans than it is to anyone else.

  • dan the man

    Man, this whole 8th inning is all Mark Reynolds. If he isn’t hitting home runs, he’s actually less than useless. He’s negative useful. He can’t be trusted to play defense at any position, and he’s not hitting bombs. I don’t think he’s still around after the AS break.

  • dan the man

    Wow, amazing double play, though.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    that double play was the last thing in the universe that i was expecting.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    what a win. i had ZERO faith to be honest. agreed about reynolds…unless the o’s have a dudley do-right lookalike contest he’s fucking useless.

  • PW

    Positives from this series: Reynolds looks to be finding his bat again, Wieters also looks to be getting back on track,Matusz looked good yet again and has been really solid since the start of May.

    Negatives: Robert Andino looks terrible at the plate (at least there won’t be much controversy when Roberts comes back), Jake Arrieta has completely fallen apart, Jones is nursing an injury, still no 3rd baseman in sight.