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Latest MASN Guest Post: On 2005

The weekly series continues, at least for as long as they’ll have me. Earlier today we went live with some thoughts on how the current success of the Orioles might have one pining away for the first third of 2005, the last time the team had any true taste of sustained success.

Let’s say for the sake of argument, however, that they keep this up. Let’s say that April turns into May and the win total is still in the black. Would then it be wise to dream of 82 wins, or more?

Alas, no. But that might be the time to start thinking about 2005.

For those who don’t remember (and you’d be forgiven), 2005 was the year the Orioles went 43-35 over the first three months of the season. They spent 62 glorious days in first place before a disastrous 8-18 July sent them into an all-too-familiar tailspin en route to a fourth-place 74-88 finish.

It must be noted that 2005 is also a year of infamy in O’s history. It’s the season Rafael Palmeiro joined the 3,000-hit club before turning around and testing positive for steroids. On top of that, Lee Mazzilli was the manager and the roster wasn’t particularly strong. It is, on the whole, nothing to yearn for.

Still, there’s something I’d like back about what that sustained streak of early winning did for the fan base. There were moments that year – I witnessed some of them – when the atmosphere at Camden Yards became electric.

Anybody else out there remember those good(ish) times?

10 comments to Latest MASN Guest Post: On 2005

  • neal s

    The comments on that post over at MASN, by the way, are awesome. They remind me (not that I ever forgot) of how cool it is to have the group of folks we have here. Y’all are aces.

  • dan the man

    LOL @ MASN trolls. They were killing you for a positive take on the season in your first post, and killing you for reminding them of 2005 in your second. Classic.

  • sci

    Those comments are hilarious. So relevant and thoughtful. Another nice post, though. I do remember that season very well. And I remember the Hiiiinnnnsskeee game fondly. I was there!

    I’m hoping the rotation is soon Arrieta, Hammel, Chen, Wada, Britton. Other than looking like a “bulldog” and eating innings, I just don’t see it with Hunter. His location is awful and his fastball isn’t nearly fast enough to make up for that. Wada will be in within a week or two, Britton hopefully by the end of May…

  • dan the man

    Rough outing for Wada at AAA, unfortunately…

  • Andrew

    @ sci:
    I am now entering my fifth year of not having any idea what the media mean when they say “bulldog”. They use it to describe anybody they like but who kind of sucks. They’ve called Brad Bergesen a bulldog, and he always looks so timid on the mound.

  • neal s

    @ Andrew: I think for our purposes here in Baltimore “bulldog” can safely mean any pitcher who doesn’t act like Bedard. But, still, I know what you mean.

  • neal s

    By the way: these road wins are impressive. I can look up the actual data if anyone would like it but if memory serves the O’s have for several years been decent enough at home but awful on the road. It’d be huge for that trend to turn around.

  • dan the man

    @ neal s:
    They can do no worse than 5-5 on their longest road trip of the year, and while it would suck to get swept by LAAoA, it would still be going .500 on their longest road trip. Not bad.

    I fear for Pujols vs. Matusz, but we’ll see. The Angels seem like one of those teams that’s just waiting to get healthy on a team like the O’s, so let’s see if the O’s can prove me wrong.

  • Mike R

    Errors, Errors, Errors, and more Errors. Starting pitching in a funk. Mentally, they probably are already heading back home. Lets hope this is temporary and not a sign that the usual same old Orioles are back.

  • Miles

    First 10+ date road trip with a winning record since 2004.


    Love it.