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New MASN Post, Absence Explained

New post up over at MASN today (it happens every Wednesday) wherein I try to peel back a layer of “why?” in terms of Camden Yards attendance.

And yet, even on a chilly Tuesday night in April against the Blue Jays, there is activity in the Yard. Not a lot and not as much as we’d like, but activity nonetheless. The 13,000 or so fans (that’s a rough guess) aren’t as many as it could be, but it’s still a lot of people.

Which is to say, there are always reasons to see a live sporting event that extend beyond just a deep and abiding love of the team.

What I’ll admit here is that this was kind of an experiment. One I’m not entirely comfortable with, looking back, but one from which I’m pretty sure I’ve gathered the data I need.

Meanwhile, my longer-than-usual absence has a simple explanation: Confirmed Stock. It’s an event I created and have been co-organizing (with my good friends from Drexler). In a nutshell it’s a one-day popup market featuring men’s clothing, vintage goods, and dry goods. Almost all Made in USA, and all awesome. It’s this Saturday at the 2640 Space on St. Paul street in Charles Village and I’d love to see some of you there.

To the extent that I’ve had much free time lately it’s been going to that. We’ll return to semi-regularly scheduled programming soon enough.

Oh, yeah: the O’s keep finding ways to win, don’t they…Ain’t that somethin’?

8 comments to New MASN Post, Absence Explained

  • Jack

    I recall reading something about Confirmed Stock and seeing your name attached, maybe in BaltMag? City Paper? This was a month ago at least…In any event, I’ve got a busy Sat but will try to swing by. I’ve got a lot of opinions on the matter of men’s clothing/shoe options in Baltimore and specifically the ‘made in US’ movement, most of them positive, and would happily support a local store that catered too a not-so-precious version of this…

  • dan the man

    Good luck with that venture, Neal. Sounds really cool and I would like to come check it out soon.

    I think the less we say about the O’s at the moment, almost the better. Just enjoying it at the moment. A couple things, though:

    -Hammel looks, dare I say, legit. The whole thing about his 2-seamer not working in Colorado and “learning how to pitch” last year is something that’s classified as Best Case Scenario when it comes to the Hammel/Guts trade. I’d like to say that he’ll probably lose it and get pounded by the AL East, but just looking at his pure stuff makes me hesitate to say that. He doesn’t have the best control, but his stuff looks better than Guthrie’s.

    -That they’ve taken two against Toronto with what is essentially a 22-man roster and without several guys hitting right now is pretty big.

    -May is a shitstorm, so this is why it’s time to Just Enjoy.

  • dan the man

    Also, Strop.. Tilt Breezy?

  • dan the man


    Is Matusz back? That was a pretty nice outing, and would have been even better if not for Nick Johnson missing that catchable ball. Extremely encouraging.

  • sci

    @ dan the man:
    There is actually a lot to be encouraged about: Arrieta, Chen, and especially Hammel (which is totally unexpected) look strong. I’ll say this — Hammel’s success so far is not a fluke. The guy has great stuff and seems to have suddenly learned how to pitch. We may have lucked into something there. Hunter looks OK, at least serviceable, and Matusz may be coming on, finally. The bullpen has been amazing, aside from Gregg, of course.

    Jones, Wieters, Reimold, and Markakis are all looking good. Reynolds and Hardy will eventually pick it up at the plate, no doubt, which will make this a pretty decent offense overall.

    Must jettison Nick Johnson and Gregg fairly immediately. There is absolutely no reason Gregg should be on the staff over Berken at this point–Gregg isn’t even warming up anymore to come in. I think it may be wise to just let Reynolds start mostly at 1B and Flaherty and Betemit alternate at 3B, once Johnson is gone. Davis could spell Reynolds at 1B and mostly just DH.

    The D has been awful, but other than that, there’s really not much to complain about. Keep it going…

  • dan the man

    That was an awesome comeback and an awesome homestand. Bring on the Sox and Yanks!

  • Andrew

    How about Chris Davis, huh?

  • dan the man

    @ Andrew:
    He’s an interesting dude for sure. 6 walks/17 K’s isn’t great, but he isn’t really another Mark Reynolds up there (28 K’s). His OBP will depend a lot on whether or not that average stays up there – which, if you believe in his minor league numbers, it could.

    What I’m liking about him is that even though he has mamma-jamma power, he can still go the other way effortlessly, and more often than you might have thought.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this was one of those “Give him 500 ABs and see him break loose” things that we always hope for? Same thing going on with Nolan.