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Orioles: IT’S OVER

There were times — many of them if we’re being honest — when I thought I’d never see this day. Not thought, believed. Yet here we are.

With yet another improbable, “how the hell did they do it?” win over the Rays (completing a sweep, natch) the Orioles have secured their eighty-first win and, with it, their first .500 or better season since 1997.

Ain’t the beer cold.

(Photo via Flickr user Keith Allison)

24 comments to Orioles: IT’S OVER

  • dan the man

    The Orioles will not be in The Loss Column for the season.

    Thank you Buck Showalter, Dan Duquette, and even Andy MacPhail for collectively getting this thing back on track. There’s work yet to be done, but beating the streak is a huge goal.

    It feels good to start back at 0 again. Man o man…

  • g

    It is ice cold. Cheers!!!

  • dan the man

    I posted this in the OH earlier today.

    Consider the mystical nature of this season:

    1. The year the statues went up to honor Orioles in the Hall of Fame.
    2. The year the cartoon bird returned as the main logo. We’ll go ahead and put the white panel here, too.
    3. 20th anniversary of Camden Yards.
    4. The Buck Showalter “2nd full year” surge, something that’s followed him everywhere he’s been.
    5. Steve Johnson starting his first MLB game the same day of his father’s first MLB win. From the “Why Not” year, no less.
    6. 14 innings of leaving 14 men on base to break the 14 years of losing.
    7. The Cal conenction: Bringing up a young rookie shortstop and sticking him at 3B.
    8. Maybe Flanny’s putting in a good word with the baseball gods.

    I’m sure there are more, too.

  • sci

    @ dan the man:
    All good calls. I still can’t quite believe this is actually happening. It’s too good. Who ever thought that when we got a .500 season it would be a total afterthought to a much higher season goal?

    These numbers (while cited all over the place) are MIND-BLOWING, and proof that we’re dealing with something truly special:

    13-2 in extra innings, with a 13 game winning streak.

    27-7 in one run games, which is at this point the best winning % of ALL TIME in one run games.

    64-0 when leading after the 7th inning.

    How do you even process those stats?

  • Just remember: Buck Showalter has never won a Pennant — with any of his three previous teams. The first two won the World Series the year after they fired him.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    sole possession for the first time since ’97 (for more than three hours hopefully).

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    man in a season of head-scratching pitching implosions by orioles starters i have to give my vote to britton as the most frustrating pitcher. whatever gonzalez has in his makeup, britton seems to lack. honestly i’d feel a lot more secure with chen, tillman, gonzalez, johnson, and saunders right now (really don’t feel good about hammel’s health right now regardless of the mri).

  • dan the man

    Oakland is where baseball goes to die. Nothing ever goes right there.

    I’m not sure what to say about that Ravens game other than regardless of the terrible ref calls, Cam Cameron took a dump all over that game.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    @ dan the man:

    couldn’t agree more. cam cameron has never understood who the best player on the field is (rice)

  • dan the man

    82 wins. I’ll be damned, Duquette did it.

    Before the season, I offered up “the man” to DD if he could break .500, but I’m afraid to jinx anything if I start going by just “dan” with only 2 weeks left in the season. Maybe for the offseason? I’m honestly a little torn here.

  • dan the man

    15 games left….

    Can they do it?

  • Miles


    If the Orioles have to play the wild card play-in game, who gets the ball?

    If Hammel’s still not 100% (and given that we’re basically two weeks out from said play-in game), I think Chen would be your guy. But you could make a case for Miguel Gonzalez or Chris Tillman, right?

    I posted this question to some of my Facebook friends, one guy said “Mike Boddicker”, which then took us down the road of “1966 Jim Palmer” “1980 Steve Stone” “Dave McNally” and “1968 Tom Phoebus”.

  • dan the man

    @ Miles:
    The thing is, doesn’t that game happen immediately? So it could depend largely on who is rested. You could certainly start a guy on 3 days rest if you really wanted to, but if Chen’s on 1 day of rest, he can’t be your guy. It would be real interesting…

  • dan the man

    And also, you have to start someone like Chen the game before the play-in game just to make sure you stay tied and get in. It’s nerve wracking just thinking about it…

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i fucking HATE the one game play-in already. especially as a fan of a team that doesn’t have that true horse #1 starter. i don’t know. it’s mainly annoying because it seems to take the better “team” idea out of the equation more than even a three game series would, know what i mean? having said that, my choice would probably be tillman. part of me wants to say gonzalez because of his balls. i don’t know why chen makes me uncomfortable lately but he does. and i can’t really say hammel because he seems so fragile right now.

    ughhhhh we have to win this division.

  • Miles

    @ dan the man:

    There’s one off day. Final regular season game is October 3rd, Wild Card play-in is October 5th. Winner kicks off ALDS at home on October 7th.

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle:

    I don’t like it either. Division or BUST.

  • dan the man

    18 innings. This team is ridiculous.

  • Miles

    And here comes Dylan Bundy to work out of the bullpen.


  • g

    First things first. Can’t sweat playoff format.

    -G, reporting from La La Land

  • dan the man

    20 wins above .500.


    And then the Bundy news. It’s a perfect role for him right now. Taxed ‘pen, just need someone to cover some innings if necessary against a poor Seattle offense.

    Duquette really knows what he’s doing, guys. I don’t think any of us expected him to know what the hell he was doing… lol

  • Miles

    @ dan the man:

    This year’s edition of the Baseball Prospectus certainly didn’t predict this outcome, but they did note that Duquette should be a good fit here. He was described as a “failed Theo Epstein-prototype” with a “knack for finding complimentary pieces”.

    Check and mate.

  • Miles

    Oh, and that he “tinkered too much with his roster”.


  • dan the man

    @ Miles:
    Ha.. wow. Spot on. I like that he at least appears to be letting Buck do what he will with the pieces he’s acquired, and if they don’t work out he’s doesn’t drag it out too much.