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Orioles-Yankees “It Matters In September” Open Thread

Comments aren’t as active around here as they used to be, owing no doubt to my reduced posting schedule, but the quality of the ones we do get is as strong as ever. And since business is going to keep me more or less away from The Loss Column this weekend, I figure the thing to do is open the floor for an ongoing thread about this weekend’s big series against the Yankees.

It’s been so long since we’ve had baseball like this at Camden Yards that even if you were around for the last time (’97) you’re a different person now. A lot changes in 15 years. And tomorrow (let alone next year) is never guaranteed, so let’s enjoy the absolute hell out of it.

However you’re taking in the games — at the park, at a bar, on TV or radio at home — chime in and let’s make this the grandest Open Thread these parts have ever seen.

Because who knows? By Monday we might have even more to talk about. But even if we don’t, this one’s big.

35 comments to Orioles-Yankees “It Matters In September” Open Thread

  • neal s

    This game. Wow. I have no words.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    that was beyond insane.

  • Cannot believe this. Can’t wait to be there tomorrow?

  • Steve

    Wow. That is called resiliency. Winning that game cements this team as a real deal.

  • dan the man

    1. Loudest national anthem “O” I have ever heard. Ever.

    2. Camden Yards was unlike anything I’ve seen. I figured “sold out” meant tons of Yankee fans. Not the case.

    3. That was a game we lose any other year.

    4. The value of Mark Reynolds is that he can almost single-handedly carry a team for stretches at a time. Amazing.

    5. There’s no “C” on his jersey, but Adam Jones is the captain of this team.

    6. There hasn’t been enough said about these statues. They’re phenomenal – a great idea that was well executed, and instantly a part of Baltimore baseball/Camden Yards lore forever.

  • dan the man

    First time… ever? that I’ve been in a bar that was hanging on every pitch. Actually clapping at 2 strike counts as if they were at the game. The place was nuts after every home run or strike out and we’re talking some random bar in Catonsville.

    We are in the thick of a Baltimore baseball Renaissance, guys. Finally.

  • dan the man

    Some great quotes from Jones in here:


    I don’t know how I will handle 3 more games like this…

  • dan the man

    Last thing tonight: Joe Angel (pretty much the unofficial luminary of TLC) had some really vintage and awesome home run calls in the 9th. It was like listening to something from another time. Real epic shit, man.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    really happy for all of you diehards who suffered all these years! this team has definitely stirred some long-slumbering baseball romantic in me. i really appreciate it.

  • dan the man

    Er.. make that the 8th inning.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    ps: i watched louis angelos and didn’t hate him! baby steps.

  • Miles

    I remember the O.

    I remember the chants starting spontaneously in the upper reaches of the upper deck. I’ve been attending games since 1988 – first on 33rd Street, now at Camden Yards, and I’ve never been at an Orioles game like that.

    I remember Wieters going yard and thinking “we’re going to tie for first in a few hours, no matter what the Yankees do.”

    I remember, rather than booing, just burying my head in my hat when Ichiro tied the game.

    I remember turning around at scowling at my section when they booed as Strop left the field. Brother’s done a ton of good this season, you come to your first game of the year and decide to rip him for one crummy outing? Okay, maybe a little spill over from last weekend, but still…

    I remember getting a text from a friend watching the game at a bar in Fed Hill. She was venting about Strop, and I text back “*sigh*”. She praised me for being so zen, and my exact response was: “I believe. I don’t like that they blew the lead, but I believe.”

    I remember yelling louder than I’ve ever yelled at a professional sporting event when Jones hit the go-ahead.

    I remember yelling even louder and bowing before Mark Reynolds when he hit number two.

    I think I might have blacked out when Chris Davis hit the third homer of the 8th.

    I remember people chanting on the concourses after it was over. High fiving strangers. Tipping caps at passerby on Charles Street.

    I’ve been to dozens of Orioles games. Probably 200 or more at the point in my life. I have stark memories of only a few of them. This one will stick forever.

    May it be the first of many to stick with me over the next seven weeks.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    great post. and how about hammel taking a missile off his elbow and being like “whatever”. and the orioles playing so well that a true superstar in the making quietly excels under the radar at third base. it all just seems so impossible and bizarre.

  • g

    @ Miles:
    Very well said, Miles. Up here in N.E. all my Red Sox buddies note that the O’s resurgence is “good for baseball.” whatever

    I will never forget that swing Jones put on that ball. Like Bordick said: “He *destroyed* it.” I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide. No escape from reality.

    O-R-I-O-L-E-S Orioles!!!!!!!!!!

  • sci

    So, so good. I had a weird experience of the 8th inning last night. Had to go pick up my wife’s friend from the airport and waited through the whole Strop meltdown knowing I would be late to get her, so I then had to leave the house totally pissed. I heard the entire bottom of the 8th on the radio, including hearing the Davis HR right as I was passing the packed stadium on 95 on the way out of the city. Pure exhilaration. God, what a season.

    Going tonight. Cannot wait…

  • dan the man

    Is anyone going to the Thursday day game next week against the Rays? I’m totally calling in sick to go.

  • Miles

    Win it all for Nick the Greek and BRob.

    Also – the Yankees are now 1-4,243,321,529 on close calls. And of course, the cry like a little runt with a skinned knee.

  • dan the man

    I am so bummed out about Markakis… couldn’t it at least have been any other team to hit him in the hand? It had to be the Yankees?

    I don’t even know. This was probably the most disheartening win I think I’ve ever witnessed.

  • g

    6 weeks for that thumb. Just a punch to the gut. And yes it had to be the f@&%ing Jankees.

    BUT, this is only a test, amigos. Big, big, big game today. Let’s. Do. This.

  • neal s

    The Markakis injury is a blow but every team has injuries. Time for everyone else to step it up. And if they can’t then, well, they just aren’t good enough. That’s OK.

    As for the series, I’ll take the split. That’s all I expected and it’s actually a pretty good result all things considered.

    More on this tomorrow, but as fans we have to get in the “one game at a time” mindset just like the players.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    really happy i was somewhere without internet, tv, or radio this weekend. markakis injury might be the worst possible blow right now but i guess we’ll see.

    go ravens.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    wasn’t expecting what looks like a ravens juggernaut of a team. anyway, two out of three against tampa would be grand.

  • dan the man

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle:

    Weird game. Ravens defense looked porous and tired and then suddenly it was 2001 and Ray and Ed took over. Big challenge there by Harbaugh really helped. And what do you know: Joe Flacco running the offense he’s comfortable with is the best Joe Flacco we’ve seen.

    Huge ovation for the jumbotron Orioles, which was awesome.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i’ll go ahead and say that was the most incredible 9th inning i’ve seen in a long, long time. that play by machado!

  • Miles

    It’s a whole new experience, this whole watching a superstar develop in front of our eyes. I kind of dig it.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    @ Miles:

    for real. he seems to have whatever that thing is that transcends skills, instincts, etc. duende i guess, that ed reed shit.

  • dan the man

    That was probably the best defensive play of the season, at least in terms of sheer wow factor. Lots of credit to JJ for actually thinking to cover 3B, too.

    And then of course Manny leads off the next inning. And what a perfectly executed inning: single, bunt, single, Win Column.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    for those who want to watch this on an endless loop until the end of time:


  • Miles

    5:53pm. September 13th, 2012. 14 years of losing ends. MY GOD, YESSSSSSS!

  • dan the man

    Miles wrote:

    5:53pm. September 13th, 2012. 14 years of losing ends. MY GOD, YESSSSSSS!

    Rays made them earn it, didn’t they? Jeeeesus.

    Guys, bear witness to this day. The Streak is dead. Long live the Orioles.

    And to think the end of The Streak is a mere afterthought in this amazing season.

  • dan the man

    Weird that it took a 14 inning game to break the 14 year streak. Just another one of the weird Orioles magic synchronicities. The Steve Johnson/Dave Johnson thing was another one.


  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    everyone on this site needs to watch this video HOLY SHIT!


  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    (sounds like spam but it’s really me Big Ben’s Motorcycle). i spit my coffee out while watching it.