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Orioles-Yankees: Disappointment…Rebound?

I’m happy to say I was in attendance for Sunday night’s OriolesYankees tilt. The timing was bad and the rain delay was worse but I had my tickets (along with semi-frequent commenter sci) and there was no way I was missing the first playoff action at Camden Yards in 15 years.

The atmosphere was amazing for most of the night. I’d estimate the crowd at something along the lines of nine-to-one in favor of O’s fans and that, as you know, is no small feat. Kudos to the Baltimore fans for coming up big. Big enough, in fact, that I won’t waste much time on how Steve and I had the unfortunate luck of being seated just behind the world’s most annoying Yanks fan. Some 22-year old chick who I could swear thought she was auditioning for a guest spot on Jersey Shore. Awful.

Then the result, of course, left much to be desired. But it’s all good. Playoff baseball returned to Camden Yards, and it was amazing.

I have no idea what to expect from the rest of the series. It’s 1-0 Yanks as I type, so we go from there. Go O’s.

18 comments to Orioles-Yankees: Disappointment…Rebound?

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    that ichiro play was incredible. that said, cano needs to get plunked.

  • dan the man

    The crowd is awesome.

    Cal on TBS is… let’s just move on, shall we?

    Matusz is fucking gangster.

    And man I hope we remember how to hit some home runs.

    Top 9…

  • dan the man

    Win column.

    JJ redemption.

  • Miles

    3.5 hours of sleep.


  • dan the man

    Ol’ Pete in the clubhouse. What an odd site. Surreal, even.


    Speaking of Angelos, I heard a great interview with Lou Angelos on WBAL. I feel pretty good about that guy and John, too. We’ll see, but you could hear how happy he was about what was happening and he’s done a nice job with the statue ceremonies.

  • dan the man

    Gonzo is my favorite current Orioles right now.. he’s more than cut out for this start tonight. Hope he does not disappoint.

    And can we get some Oriole home runs up in here??

  • dan the man

    @ sci:
    Watching this year’s O’s/Yanks games, I sort of feel like Girardi is Buck’s little brother. Sure, he’s got the fancy new game system, but Buck was hardened on brutal NES games.

    At least that guy clarifies early on that it’s going to be a dick article, but yeah that’s ridiculous.

  • dan the man


    That was just the worst.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    this shit is impossible to put into words let alone quantify. we’re in the impossible. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON. sorry to all you superstitious people but if we win tomorrow i’ll pretty much lose every notion i ever had about anything sports related…ever

  • sci

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle:

    Neal were back and forth about how last night’s game felt like some weird netherworld. There were moments where it felt like neither team would ever get a hit, or even hit the ball hard, again. Then for whatever reason, that 13th inning felt positive again, right from the beginning of it. Such an insane game, and an insane season. Unforgettable.

  • dan the man

    @ sci:
    I totally agree and you know why it felt positive? Because of the bullpen little league superstition antics with the hats and the gatorade bottles. It was the first time all game you saw anyone smile other than Nick Swisher’s shit-eating perma-grin.

    I’m 100% serious – I think that loosened everybody up in the clubhouse and what do you know: back to back doubles. Call me superstitious all you want, but that’s why you felt that positivity in the 13th innings. Whether or not it truly led to the ice finally breaking, we’ll never know. But that’s baseball and its unquantifiable magic.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    this team kind of reminds me of the 2000 ravens.

    1. they’re consistently given ZERO chance
    2. when you look at the numbers it makes ZERO sense
    3. the starting pitching is trent dilfer
    4. the bullpen is ray lewis
    5. like billick, showalter seems like some kind of cosmic piece of some puzzle and the absolute only man on the entire earth that fits the present situation.


    go get ’em boys

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i guess in these playoffs the offense is trent dilfer haha

  • Miles

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle:

    Yeah, the 3-7 hitters are Dilfer.

    The starting pitching is, let\’s say, Priest Holmes.

    Or maybe McLouth is Priest Holmes?

    Machado is Jamal Lewis.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    that sucked hard.

    thanks 2012 orioles. i’ll never forget you.

  • dan the man

    Honestly, it didn’t take me long to get over. So many things were accomplished this year that for the first time in a long time, there are actual expectations for next year.

    A proud year for the Orioles and for the fans. You feel good about Duquette, you feel good about Buck, you feel good about the pitching staff and most of the position players. I’m excited for what’s next.

    For now… just trying to reflect on what a crazy, crazy year of Orioles baseball it’s been. Wow.