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Ravens Championship Sunday Thoughts/Reaction Thread

Ravens coach John HarbaughOne thing I have to note up front: as much crap as I have given (and will continue to give) Baltimore sports fans for their en masse abandonment of the Orioles I am nevertheless impressed by the energy in this city surrounding the Ravens. Wherever it’s coming from — and wherever it may go — it’s good to see for now.

And, as it happens, I believe said energy will both stick around and grow. For a few more weeks, at least. I think there’s an air of destiny about this group and I think they’ll handle their business up in Foxboro. Sometimes with a team like this you can just see, or feel, something. Plus it’s Ray Rice‘s birthday today and that’s just too perfect.

Have fun today, ladies and gents.

15 comments to Ravens Championship Sunday Thoughts/Reaction Thread

  • B.Y.

    I just wish everyone would stop and realize that flacco is the best qb we have EVER had. would you like to be going into this game with boller? C’MON! GO RAVENS!

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    this will either be the second best day of my year or the worst day of my year. i kind of hate that.

    but BALL SO HARD

  • dan the man

    Zero more sleeps.

    Let’s do this.

    The anticipation is ridiculous.

  • dan the man

    So brutal. Don’t even know.

    Patriots better win the Super Bowl now.

  • dan the man

    I’m proud of Joe Flacco. He had Evans for the game winner.

  • PW

    I feel like I just watched Omar get shot again, so disappointing.

    Flacco played a hell of a game, and out played Brady in my book. Webb played fantastic, again. Had the opportunity to win that game. I just don’t know. Is it safe to say that Cam Cameron is out?

    Also, lets go 49ers

  • Miles

    PW wrote:

    Flacco played a hell of a game, and out played Brady in my book.

    He outplayed Brady statistically as well. He was just flat-out better. You couldn’t ask for more from him.

    Just heart-wrenching.

    That having been said, 74 days to Orioles Opening Day.

  • PW

    Only 25 days till pitchers and catchers report!

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i went home and went to sleep at 8 this was so painful. now i’m up at 130 in the morning wondering why i even bother with this shit. the pittsburgh losses in the playoffs were nothing, NOTHING compared to this one. the ravens are better than the patriots, and some cosmic shit happens.

    if i was joe flacco i’d refuse to sign here. baltimore doesn’t deserve him anyway. i swear to god i’d rather be mediocre for a decade than ever feel like this again.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    nothing is numbing the pain but this was funny and well deserved;


  • PW

    @ Big Ben’s Motorcycle:
    Do we need to send somebody to your house to watch over you right now? I’m a little worried about your well being.

    Lets look at some positives:

    – Flacco had a great game and proved for the 2nd time this season that he can lead a late drive in a big win. He did it in the Pittsburgh game as well. The big game performance was the one area that Joe hadn’t proved himself, now he has.

    – Young players stepping up big. Namely, Webb and Smith. For the first time in, well ever, the Ravens has a legit deep threat in Smith. He also proved explosive on under routes this season too. Webb has had 2 solid seasons, but this one was special. He has come out as a shutdown corner, something we haven’t had in Baltimore the past couple seasons.

    – No more Cam Cameron. Its not official but all signs point to him being out. Contract up, no extension, strained relationship with Flacco, and visible tension between him and Harbaugh (before the 4th & 6 play).

    – Ray and Ed will probably be back. We know basically for certain that Ray will be back, and I think there’s a pretty good shot Ed will to. Reed got through the this season without injury, which he hadn’t been able to do in recent years. Also I think they both have a bad taste in their mouth, so they will be back.

    – Finally, no gaping holes. There are no positions that are dire needs. Now this depends a lot on free agency but most likely there won’t be holes to fill, just improvements to make.

    Hope you this cheers you up a little. It was a rough one, no doubt about that. Most important thing is to move on and look to the future. Nothing can make Evans hold onto that ball or Cundiff make that field goal. Just got to accept it as it is and look forward.

  • Mike R

    @ PW:
    I wouldn’t say there are no gaping holes. The O-line needs a lot of improvement. Likely that Grubbs is a salary cap victim, and Birk if he doesn’t retiire, should retire. Do we go take a guard or a center first round? McKinney can’t pass block the speed rushers, and if there wasn’t a movie about Oher he wouldn’t get any attention. Too many flags on him.

  • PW

    @ Mike R:
    I’ll give you that. They were serviceable this season but definitely stand to be improved. Upon further reflection at the end of the seasons they were exposed, especially on short yardage plays. I’m not a big Oher fan, he takes at least one false start a game and it says a lot that they took him off the blind side. I’d imagine we will be taking an O-lineman first round, or trading it away. I don’t think the line needs complete retooling, just improvements and plugs.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    @ PW:

    haha thanks for your concern. i’m fine. just a bad weekend all around. post my thoughts later.

  • dan the man

    And Chuck is coaching the Colts now. Brutal week for Baltimore. Good for him, though.