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Dylan Bundy: Panic, or Not?

Dylan_BundyFor the most part, I greeted the news that Dylan Bundy would need Tommy John surgery with something of a shrug.

For one thing, I predicted as much back on May 1st over at MASN — admittedly not a difficult thing to do. For another, though, it kind of hit me like the arrival of the cops hit Alan Rickman in Die Hard:

Police action was inevitable, and, as it happens, necessary, so just relax.

Bundy’s surgery is, if not quite inevitable, close to it. Like I said in the MASN piece, this is becoming fairly common among young guys who throw like he throws. And, while “necessary” is a stretch, if it had to happen then for it to happen now was indeed necessary as opposed to later. Time to get it out of the way and get him back stronger. He’ll still only be 22 in the spring of 2015. Long-term, this should hopefully be just a speed bump.

Where it concerns me, though, is: what if he doesn’t come back stronger? Or what if he’s plenty strong but for one reason or another just can’t put things together?

Do you remember Dan Klein? He was pretty highly touted coming out of college and was dominant in the time he spent in our system. Now, though, he’s retired. His problems weren’t elbow-related but the point remains. Injuries can neither be predicted nor fully managed.

Dan Duquette has done an admirable job building a deep team but he’s done it mostly through acquiring warm bodies. Truly sustainable success still hinges on a deep farm system. In that regard, losing Bundy for even a year hurts badly.

This setback is not cause for panic but it’s not exactly good news. The margin for error is now a little bit smaller than it was. Here’s hoping Kevin Gausman is paying attention.

5 comments to Dylan Bundy: Panic, or Not?

  • dan the man

    “At least it wasn’t the shoulder.” That’s my motto with stuff like this. The elbow is much easier to come back from, and at least it ends this whole “mystery diagnosis” thing. There’s a set time table now, and that’s positive. Still sucks, obviously.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if Dylan and his agent pushed for rehab after the initial injury in the off chance that he could crack the 25-man this year. But who can know?

    The worst part is that the struggle to develop starting pitching continues. Gausman was largely fooling no one while he was in the rotation, Bundy is injured, Britton is a 5-inning wonder right now, Hobgood is in low A-ball following shoulder surgery, Matusz is a reliever, and Arrieta has had less success than Daniel Cabrera as a major leaguer. I’m willing to count Tillman as a farm guy since we acquired him so early in his career, but it still leaves the O’s technically void of a quality, drafted starting pitcher since Bedard. Before Erik? Mussina. This has to improve.

  • dan the man

    But to answer the question, I’m not panicking. Mainly because Duquette has shown a talent for acquiring the right guys at the right time. I don’t buy that we’re in on big names like Garza, but I’m sure we’ll find somebody that will boost our SP depth.

    Speaking of which, MacFarland gets his first start tonight. I’m interested to see what he can do versus a lefty-heavy Yanks lineup.

  • dan the man

    Hell of a series, guys. O’s fans brought it in the Yard. Wow.

  • sci

    Nothing sweeter than sweeping the Yanks. Now, if Boston would only cool off…

    I’m wondering what the rotation is going to look like in the near future. Will it be Gausman or Britton who stays when Chen comes back? I doubt it will be TJ in the rotation. I’d probably stick with Britton for now as the 5th starter. If he flounders, bring up Gausman again, or hopefully, we’ll pick up someone Saunders-like in a trade. We really just need a #4 starter type who can eat some innings and who’s significantly better than Garcia (not hard). I suspect that kind of trade is a near certainty sometime this month.

  • dan the man

    I liked Duq’s under-the-radar trade for Eric Thames, who equates to basically Betemit insurance for DH vs. RHP.