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Who’s Minding the Store?

Ordinarily I don’t believe in apologizing for not posting much, or even mentioning it. I make an exception here though because things have been quieter than normal at a time when they probably ought not be quiet. This space isn’t destined to return to the days of posts nearly every day, but two weeks is too long. So, mea culpa. There’s been a lot going on.

What I have managed to do, though, is get my first two posts up for MASN.

The first, from last week, can be found here:

What the Orioles need to do this year is show stability. They need to show that they can play well over the course of a full season, which means competing consistently and weathering the adversity of injuries and slumps. Basically, they need to look good.

Given the run of bad baseball that preceded last season, stability in itself will count as meaningful, and important, improvement. Regardless of the win total.

If we’re taking predictions, though, I’m on the hook for 87-75. What about you?

The second, from earlier this week, is here:

Baseball is no different from anything else in that absence of fear amplifies enjoyment, and vice versa. If we’re not afraid that these guys are secretly no good, then we’re going to accept failure for what it is – part of the game. If, on the other hand, we’re waiting for another shoe to drop, we’re probably not going to truly believe in the successes and probably not going to truly enjoy them. We’re going to see every shortcoming as a harbinger of doom, every error as the tip of an iceberg.

The game being as long-form and as complicated as it is, pretty much everything comes with a “Yes, but …” You can frame that any way you’d like.

The short version of both of those together is that what I’m looking for from the Orioles this year is stability, and I expect to find it. They’re not exactly on a tear here to begin the season but I’m not particularly worried. As long as they don’t start losing series after series and digging themselves a hole I think they’re going to be right there at the end.

But, you know, it’s early. That cuts both ways.

Either way I know this: it’s going to be a fun season. I just have a hunch about that.

8 comments to Who’s Minding the Store?

  • sci

    So far the team looks thoroughly mediocre, but it’s early. Tillman and Arrieta have to step it up soon. They cannot continue to throw this many pitches and not get out of the sixth. Arrieta had like 65 pitches the other night in the third inning. It’s tortuous watching those two right now. The good news is Jurrjens is waiting in the wings. I think Arrieta gets two more starts and if he doesn’t stop laboring out there, the other JJ comes up.

    Bullpen will be fine. To me, the single biggest disappointment so far is Reimold. He looks terrible at the plate. The DH spot is a black hole right now. I love Buck and DD of course but putting yourself in a position where Pearce is your main right-handed DH option to open the season is a problem.

  • neal s

    Good gravy what a win tonight. Wieters walk-off grand slam? That’s my Orioles.

  • Steve Pearce mocks and taunts your right-handed DH problem.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    i practice music on the WORST NIGHTS

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    another strop meltdown. i guess you have to keep putting him out there but jesus he’s driving me crazy.

  • g

    You’re not alone; he is unnerving at best. Like Palmer says, “he’s gotta learn to be a pitcher and not just a thrower.”

  • dan the man

    If you’re looking for stability, the team does seem to be stabilizing a bit these days.

    Tillman and Gonzo both had the type of games we’d expect from them finally. Chen has been consistent. Need a good one from Hammel tonight in Oakland, and Britton would appear to be replacing Arrieta. Bullpen is solid other than the Strop question.

    There are still some inconsistencies within the lineup, but by and large they are scoring runs and in every single game. Machado has been a pleasure to watch on both sides of the ball.

    They are also winning the majority of their series, and the majority of their games against the AL East, which is great. This isn’t a team that’s built to rattle off 10 straight wins, but it could rattle off a bunch of series wins.

    Who’s ready for some late night ball? Love these 10pm starts, but Oakland scares the bejesus out of me. Nightmare ballpark.