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You Knew a Slump Was Coming, Right?

Orioles_Luke_Scott_Rays_LossThere I went in my last guest post for MASN talking about how the Orioles were officially a good team. Then there they went, rattling off five losses in a row and falling into a tie for third place (or fourth if you’re a pessimist) with the Rays. Bummer.

Honestly, though, you knew this was coming. Or, at least, you should have.

A five-game losing streak is one of those things that’s going to happen in a baseball season. Even to the best teams. It might even reach six or seven games. Baseball’s like that. Actually, everything’s like that.

One of the weirdest things about sports fans is how hard it seems for most of them to accept losing. Slumps, in sports as in any endeavor, are part of the package. There’s quite literally no getting away from that. And yet I know that if I tune into today’s chatter on the local sports talk airwaves I’ll hear Chicken Little after Chicken Little, bemoaning what could have been if the team had only upgraded the rotation or bought another bat. As if such moves would have stopped every losing streak at four.

The long game is the hardest to play and the hardest to win. Not because it’s inherently more difficult, but because so few have the patience to play it.

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15 comments to You Knew a Slump Was Coming, Right?

  • dan the man

    I move for a full on panic move Kevin Gausman call-up. Because he’s ready, and it’s therefore not a panic move. He’s got 5 walks and 49 K’s in 46 IP. Mid-90s fastball, good command, and a great changeup. He’s – right now – already better than Arrieta and Britton ever were based on his command alone. And he’s probably better than a healthy Bundy while I’m tossing around hyperbole.

    1 – Tillman
    2 – Chen (when he’s back)
    3 – Gonzo
    4 – Gausman
    5 – Hammel

    That’s what I’m talking about.

    Jim Johnson will right the ship soon. No worries there. But the starting rotation is a damn mess and it kills me that we’re going to have to watch Garcia give the Yankees the most automatic win of their season to make it 6 straight Oriole losses at the hands of CC. The biggest factor here is Jason Hammel, who is being anything but stopper when the rotation needs it most.

    Sort it out, guys!

  • sci

    Dan, I like your idea on Gausman.

    Hammel needs to get his shit together ASAP, basically. He’s not only not a stopper/ace, he’s been downright awful. And Garcia needs to go as soon as Chen returns, if not sooner. If you call up Gausman, you can keep Jurrjens in until Chen comes back, and jettison Garcia immediately. I like that rotation you propose for the rest of the season, hopefully, with Jurrjens and Steve Johnson waiting in the wings if/when someone gets hurt or struggles mightily.

    Arrieta and Britton being basically useless in the minors right now is not helping anything.

  • dan the man

    Welp, that was a kick in the nuts. I’d much rather have lost that game from Garcia totally sucking than another blown save.

    I’ll be at the game tonight. If anyone can beat the Yankees it’s Gonzo, but can the ‘pen finally seal the deal?

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    100 percent agreed on getting gausman up here. the last four games in particular have been BRUTAL. and the fact is, this is the one division where a seven or eight game losing streak could mean lights out. so there’s that.

  • Big Ben's Motorcycle

    well that worked for me.

  • dan the man

    Boom! Ask and ye shall receive.

    Being a team in contention is fun because we don’t have to hear about “rushing” prospects. Although Gausman is a better prospect than just about any that we believed the O’s rushed in the past. This guy has legit Verlander upside. Hopefully this goes a long way towards stabilizing the rotation.

    Nate! And Johnson with the win, too. Nice touch there.

  • g

    Dan, your timely request is much appreciated.

    Great win last night. Glad to see JJ set ’em up and knock ’em down.

  • dan the man

    Series win, y’all.

    Johnson and Hammel possibly stabilizing? That would be huge.

    Real pumped to see the kid tonight.

  • dan the man

    So uh.. Chris Davis and Manny Machado, amiright?

  • g

    @ dan the man:
    Most definitely.

    And let’s prove it this weekend with the Tigs!

  • dan the man

    @ g:
    Hope we see some progress out of Gausman. Too many pitches in the middle of the plate so far, but kid’s got a heater for sure.

  • dan the man

    Chris. Dickerson. Y’all.

    “This team continues to be resilient and does it week after week. It’s incredible, the at-bats and effort this team puts out every night. It has truly been an incredible experience to be a part of this team.

    He’s talking about the Orioles! Still can’t get used to stuff like that.

  • dan the man

    Best Joe Angel call of all time? It’s the best I’ve ever heard, I’ll say that much. Holy shit.


    File this one under Oriole Treasures.

  • g

    @ dan the man:
    That was f-ing fantastic.