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Ravens-Browns Round Two Recap

Yesterday’s face off between the Ravens and the Browns was not exactly the most exciting game ever played, but a win is a win—and at this point, the Ravens can’t afford to be picky. With Indy, the Steelers and a trip to Green Bay on the books for the next three weeks, last night’s game […]

Sweep In Cincinnati

No drama this time around. This one was over in the first quarter. Not since the Giants game last year have I seen the Ravens just bend over and take it like they did yesterday. The sky isn’t falling quite yet but a couple more performances like the one they gave yesterday and the they […]

When It All Makes Sense

Is all right with the world again? Dogs and cats hate each other, November is cold and dreary, the Broncos are no longer undefeated. Things are actually making sense, at least in the world of the NFL. This has been one crazy year already. Back in September I never would have imagined that the Vikings […]

Ravens: Where’s the Bottom?

Ed. note: thanks for bearing with us through the tech troubles. Things appear to be working OK for the moment, so here’s Justin’s weekly take on the game. It is getting downright brutal to sit through a Ravens game these days. I know it could be worse. We could be Tennessee, but I can’t decide […]

Ravens: Things Fall Apart

The Ravens fell apart against the Bengals yesterday. Where was the team that outlasted the Chargers on their home turf? Where was the team that dismantled the Browns? Which team showed up yesterday? It seems the Ravens have been in decline since the game against the Browns. Yes, they are awful about playing to their […]

Ravens-Patriots: Missed Opportunity

I am really getting tired of losing to New England. Their fans have this smug sense of entitlement, but overall I believe the Ravens are the better team. So why did they lose yesterday? Before we throw Mark Clayton to the wolves, I want to point out that his epic failure was just the final […]

Ravens: All’s Well That Ends Well

I am all for a good competitive game. Blowouts are fun in their own right but it’s nice to have a game hold your interest until the final whistle. Having said that, two in a row to kickoff the year is wearing me down a little bit. Obviously the Ravens’ game against the Chargers was […]

Ravens-Chiefs: Too Close For Comfort

The Ravens vs. the Chiefs was another one of those games where the final score sounds like it’s from a different game. When you realize that up until the last few minutes of the game it was 24-24, it gets scary. This was against the Chiefs. At home. With second- and third-string quarterbacks. What the […]