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Orioles 2012: Postmortem

I’ve had a hard time writing this post. I’ve started, then stopped, at least three or four times. A hell of a season came to a close up there in Yankee Stadium last Friday night. There’s a lot to process. One thing I know we must do, first, is remember. Back in March these Baltimore […]

Orioles-Yankees: Disappointment…Rebound?

I’m happy to say I was in attendance for Sunday night’s Orioles–Yankees tilt. The timing was bad and the rain delay was worse but I had my tickets (along with semi-frequent commenter sci) and there was no way I was missing the first playoff action at Camden Yards in 15 years. The atmosphere was amazing […]

Orioles 2012 Playoffs, Round One: A Game to Rule Them All

I have to be honest: I’ve got nothing here. No trenchant thoughts on lineup vs. lineup, no particular insight into the chances against Yu Darvish nor the chances with Joe Saunders. Not that I’m opposed to speculation or analysis, it’s just that the reality is quite simple: Find a way to win this game, or […]

The Orioles Are In

For most of this season, even as the good news kept coming, I qualified my discussion of the Orioles‘ playoff chances. It usually ran along the lines of “They’ll probably still fade, but…” I stopped that when things started to become real, but I never, ever counted any chickens. Until now, because it’s done. The […]

The Biggest Orioles Games In a Generation (Or More)

We Orioles fans can be a nostalgic bunch. This is to our credit. We remember Memorial Stadium and we pay due homage to names like Palmer, Robinson, Ripken, Powell, and Weaver. And we don’t limit it to the best of the best — names like Bordick and Anderson get their due as well. One of […]