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Does Miguel Tejada Want Out?

Noted by Dan the Man in the comments, this story from orioles.com and the following nugget about Miguel Tejada: Trembley said simply that he wanted to let Luis Hernandez play, completely sidestepping a question altogether about Tejada not playing. Tejada, a four-time All-Star, seemed perplexed by the reasoning behind his seat on the bench. “They […]

O’s – Angels Open Thread

At this point, seriously, it’s more funny than anything else. Go O’s!

The Other Shoe Drops

Ever since Rafael Palmeiro got busted for juicing I think we’ve all had one question in the back of our minds: does it stop there? The answer appears to be “nope.” SI.com is reporting that O’s outfielder Jay Gibbons is the latest ballplayer to get caught in the steroids investigation net. This news, I’m guessing, […]

Someday a Real Rain’ll Come and Wash All the Scum Off the Diamond

I titled the last post “Drive the Point Home” because of the statistic with which I led it. Little did I know, Tampa would take the notion and run with it. They drove the point home to the tune of 17 runs. My life is words. Whether or not you get a sense of it […]

Total Futility

I don’t know what to say. But because it’s what I do, I’ll still say something. I did an image search just now for “futility.” That search turned up this page, and the following image (click both pics for larger versions): What we’ve got here is a team facing an epic losing streak. This is […]

At What Point Do We Start to Laugh?

The Birds carried a 4-1 lead into the eighth inning tonight. Did you feel comfortable? The bullpen failed again, the team limped into extra innings, and the (inevitable?) loss came in inning 12. This all happened after they announced that Erik Bedard will miss his next start. Additionally, my car broke down, three of my […]

Wake Me Up and Kill Me

Give Joe Angel credit. Round about the time the Rays scored their 45th run tonight, Angel actually said “I can’t take this nightmare any longer…wake me up and kill me.” I’m not sure a hundred Shakespeares could say it better. For anyone who thinks I’m too positive, or that I don’t criticize the team when […]

Documenting a Moment

Right now, with three minutes to go, the Orioles braintrust is somewhere, doing something. What do you suppose that is? Do they have as full an understanding as we do of the implications of this moment? Should they ultimately fail in the Matt Wieters pursuit, I want this post on the record. This is big. […]