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Recapping the Inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix

The first thing is the sound. The moment I stepped off of the Light Rail Sunday afternoon I felt it. Felt — not just heard. It isn’t like any other sound if, as was my case, you’ve never been to a live race before. It’s loud, sure, but that’s not the thing. It envelops you. […]

Thoughts on the Baltimore Grand Prix

We’re less than a month away now from the inaugural Baltimore Grand Prix, the Labor Day weekend race that will see IndyCar drivers (along with their second-tier counterparts) take to the downtown streets for a “festival of speed”. About this, some folks are none too happy. The “big” controversy, at least in mainstream terms, has […]

Memorial Day Weekend Offers an Impressive Sports Smorgasbord

I love that word, “smorgasbord.” So exotic yet somehow…relatable. When I was a kid in Ohio we used to drive, somewhat inexplicably, literally hours out of everyone’s way to go to San-Dar, as true a smorgasbord as I can imagine ever existed. The food wasn’t very good but the desserts were and they had a […]

Baltimore Grand Prix is Officially Official

We’ve known for several weeks that this was going to happen but today the press conference made it official. Baltimore is getting an IndyCar race in August, 2011 and for the four years following that. This is obviously great news for me and anyone else who happens to be a motorsports fan. Much more importantly, […]

Baltimore Lands a Grand Prix

The outlook is not entirely bad for Baltimore sports right now. The Orioles went down hard in New York, yes, but before they did a significant bit of good news crossed the wire: the Baltimore Grand Prix is a go. I’ve been keeping tabs on this story from the beginning and I’m stoked that it’s […]

Le Mans Photos by Frank Scherschel

Not sure what year these are from, as that info is missing from the source. Almost certainly the fifties, and quite possibly 1955 — the year tragedy struck. There’s no angle to take on Le Mans that doesn’t end up at “bad ass.”

News, Notes, Roundup

— So who thinks the Phillies have a chance to take two in a row at New York and win the Series? Me neither. I think I’ve watched less than nine total innings this year. It feels strange and not quite pleasant to care this little about baseball on the ultimate stage. WIth the Yankees […]

Baltimore Grand Prix: On Track?

If this report from WBAL is to be believed, the Baltimore Grand Prix is about to become a reality. The report is suspect in a couple of areas. For one, BRD (Baltimore Racing Development) was formed specifically to bring a race here. The wording “has been formed to organize the race” is a little misleading, […]