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Rest In Peace, Art Donovan

I don’t have an Artie Donovan story, unfortunately. I was never lucky enough to meet him and his playing days were before my time. But I knew him as a legend. The kind of guy who is thoroughly irreplaceable. Baltimore lost another great one. Respect.

New MASN Post, Absence Explained

New post up over at MASN today (it happens every Wednesday) wherein I try to peel back a layer of “why?” in terms of Camden Yards attendance. And yet, even on a chilly Tuesday night in April against the Blue Jays, there is activity in the Yard. Not a lot and not as much as […]

Thanks, Baltimore Mag, For Naming The Loss Column a 2011 “Best Of”

Well this was a nice surprise. Baltimore Magazine is out today with their annual “Best of Baltimore” issue and The Loss Column has been named one of the area’s “Top Ten Blogs”. According to the writeup, No blog covers local sports with as much wisdom. With a decidedly realistic/pessimistic perspective, it asks questions like, “What […]

The Loss Column, Evolved

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” — Andy Warhol I don’t know if it’s the woeful underperformance of the Orioles, the changing of the seasons, or something deeper. Might be all three. Whatever it is, I’ve been thinking lately that it’s time — past time — for […]

Five Points of Thanks, Baltimore Sports Edition

Making a “thankful” list is an exercise in undeniable cliché. I won’t hide from that fact. But, I’m OK with it. I actually dig the idea of a national holiday where we all — in theory at least — take a step back from the day-to-day and acknowledge the good things around us. Cliché or […]

Baltimore Lands a Grand Prix

The outlook is not entirely bad for Baltimore sports right now. The Orioles went down hard in New York, yes, but before they did a significant bit of good news crossed the wire: the Baltimore Grand Prix is a go. I’ve been keeping tabs on this story from the beginning and I’m stoked that it’s […]

The Ghost of Johnny Poe

You won’t often hear the terms “football great” and “soldier of fortune” used in reference to the same man. When you do you know that you’re not dealing with football as we know it today, or even men as we know them today. That kind of collision comes from another era, a time when things […]