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After Today, Maryland Basketball Will Never Be the Same

Awhile back my friend George and I got to talking about about basketball coaches. We wondered who we would have liked to play for if given the chance. My first choice was Bob Knight. Even though I think I would have hated him I think I also would have learned a ton. My second choice […]

The Maryland Regional Sports Power Rankings

I was thinking earlier today about “power rankings” and how they’re basically silly. And yet, silly in kind of a fun way. They provide fodder for debate and discussion, and it’s cool sometimes to take a 10,000 foot view (so to speak). That led me to the idea of creating power rankings of my own. […]

Five Points of Thanks, Baltimore Sports Edition

Making a “thankful” list is an exercise in undeniable cliché. I won’t hide from that fact. But, I’m OK with it. I actually dig the idea of a national holiday where we all — in theory at least — take a step back from the day-to-day and acknowledge the good things around us. Cliché or […]

Maybe LeBron Is Why The O’s Struggle?

I rarely talk NBA here, mostly because I don’t follow it. I am, however, a sports fan so naturally I couldn’t avoid the LeBron James drama. Now that it’s over (he’s going to the Heat if you missed it — good on you) here’s what I’ll say: in terms of sports that was one of […]

The Depths of Cleveland’s Misery

It’s a rough time to be a Cleveland sports fan. The Indians — in town tonight for the first of three — are 13-19 and going nowhere quickly. The Cavaliers just got bounced from the NBA playoffs and may very well lose LeBron James to free agency. Ahh, that. LeBron. “King” James. A pretty good […]

Maryland Draws Houston in First Round

Our steely resolve in the face of great February turmoil is about to be rewarded. Nothing beats March Madness. Nothing. The World Series and Stanley Cup finals sometimes come close, and occasionally the Super Bowl is interesting, but nothing tops the Tournament for year in, year out excitement. It’s that much better when the Terps […]

News, Notes, Roundup

— So who thinks the Phillies have a chance to take two in a row at New York and win the Series? Me neither. I think I’ve watched less than nine total innings this year. It feels strange and not quite pleasant to care this little about baseball on the ultimate stage. WIth the Yankees […]

LeBron James Comes Up Short

Do I have this right? After the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic on Saturday night, LeBron James exited the arena without congratulating — or even acknowledging — his opponents. He dressed quickly and headed to the team bus, refusing to take questions from reporters or participate in the postgame news conference. Questionable move […]