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New MASN Post, Absence Explained

New post up over at MASN today (it happens every Wednesday) wherein I try to peel back a layer of “why?” in terms of Camden Yards attendance. And yet, even on a chilly Tuesday night in April against the Blue Jays, there is activity in the Yard. Not a lot and not as much as […]

Thanks, Baltimore Mag, For Naming The Loss Column a 2011 “Best Of”

Well this was a nice surprise. Baltimore Magazine is out today with their annual “Best of Baltimore” issue and The Loss Column has been named one of the area’s “Top Ten Blogs”. According to the writeup, No blog covers local sports with as much wisdom. With a decidedly realistic/pessimistic perspective, it asks questions like, “What […]

Introducing: Featured Comments

I’ve been kicking around ideas lately for how to tweak things a bit with the site, keep it moving forward and whatnot. To that end, I’ve got an idea I think might be worth trying. Starting today, all Loss Column comments become eligible for our new Featured Comment Feature. A lot of the best content […]

Holiday Shopping Reminder (Shameless Self Promotion)

Forgive me for a moment as I advocate for the best interests of the site. If anybody out there has designs on doing any of their holiday shopping via Amazon, I’d like to encourage you to do so using the advertising link in the upper right. No matter what you eventually purchase, The Loss Column […]

Red(dio) Alert!

Once again I’ll be a guest this evening on Michael Popovec‘s excellent evening radio show on 1570 AM. I’ll be there at 6 pm and sticking around for at least an hour, talking sports in that smooth, debonair way that only I can. If you’re in the general area of the city you can tune […]

Weekend Wrap vol. 5

— Gird your loins and grit your teeth before reading this post at MLB Fanhouse about the ’07 Orioles. It’s rough. Unfortunately, though, it’s also probably a pretty fair representation of how the rest of the baseball world sees Baltimore. Nine straight losing seasons will do that. Yet isn’t this the same way everybody saw […]

Join Us

Like everything and everyone else these days, The Loss Column is now on MySpace. So what are you waiting for? Befriend us.

Happy Friday, New Stuff

As you get ready to ease into your weekend, I’ve prepared a treat for you. Or more accurately, a treat for me that I hope you enjoy. It is…(drumroll)…the official 2007 Loss Column logo (click for giant version): Created at the suggestion of founding contributor Chris, it’s a Baltimore-centric take on one of the all-time […]