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O’s – Jays, Game 3

The 3-2 1-4 Orioles haven’t had the best start to their season of Meaningful Improvement.  The closer has been bad, the offense seems to go cold awfully quickly, and fans are already ornery. On the other hand, if you look at Andrew‘s definition of Meaningful Improvement – that is, looking for individual improvement among the […]

Opening Day Downer

There was plenty to be positive about for the Orioles home opener.  Brad Bergesen, last year’s best pitcher by a wide margin, had come all the way back from a devastating injury for a much-deserved start in front of a record crowd at Oriole Park.  The O’s were coming off of their first win of […]

Escape From The Trop

Brian Matusz escaped with his (and the Orioles‘) first win of the season despite seemingly everything working against him: CB Bucknor, poor command, impatient at bats from the offense, and cowbells.  Oh, the cowbells.  There’s no reason to think that Brian Matusz will continue to struggle like he did tonight, and his final inning of […]

O’s vs. Rays – Open Thread

The Loss Column isn’t normally an “open thread” type of place, but I think since the baseball season has just began and everything is still fresh and exciting, why not have a place to throw around some jive? It’s our former ace’s first shot at a redemption season.  I wish him the best – and […]

First Impressions

Before I get to my impressions on your 2010 Baltimore Orioles, let’s come right out and say it: new closer Mike Gonzalez didn’t get it done.  Bottom line – pitching up in the zone, herky-jerky windup or not, isn’t going to hack it in the AL East.  The 1-12 with RISP didn’t help him, but […]

Is It September 13th Yet?

The Orioles come home having won 4 of 9 in their most recent road trip.  To us O’s fans, it’s hard for that to not feel like anything but progress, all things considered.  It just goes to show you that when Jeremy Guthrie pitches well, he can really carry this team.  Two of those four […]

The Last Metrodome Game

Here’s your open thread for game 3 at Minnesota, and the last we’ll see (THANK YOU) of the Metrodome.  Ever.  Now we just need to get rid of the Trop and we’ll be in business.  As I type, Reimold has cashed in 1 run, and another run has scored on a Cabrera error.  Guts will […]

Good Grief

Ah, yes.  A timeless and familiar scene. And one of the more appropriate visual analogies of Orioles fandom as we’ve come to know it in the last decade or so.  We are Charlie Brown; Lucy is whatever cruel thing that is alternately giving us hope and dashing it. This image came to mind as I […]