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I Hope You All Know What This Means…

Yes, it means we’ve seen Tony LaRussa cry. It means the best team in baseball doesn’t always win the World Series. It means baseball is the only sport in which the best team in the regular season isn’t necessarily the champion. It means the American League should be humiliated losing the series to an NL […]

The Unpopular Vote

Everyone seems pretty upset over Jim Fassel’s dismissal last week but I don’t necessarily see it as such a bad thing. I mean, it is for poor Fassel, but not necessarily for the Ravens. At least not in the long run. In the 10 years the Ravens have been in Baltimore, they’ve been known for […]

The Bronx Bummers

Peter Schmuck put it best in today’s Baltimore Sun when he wrote, “I realize it’s petty to revel in the postseason downfall of the Yankees, especially since baseball fans around here would kill for the chance to lose a Division Series, but there’s something about watching about $200 million worth of pinstriped players hanging their […]

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Last year during the Orioles’ 62-day stretch atop the American League East, one of my friends asked me if I had ever cried over the Orioles. My answer was no, and even after they crashed to fourth place my answer was still no. I thought I would probably cry the day Javy Lopez was no […]

One Sexy Ballpark

I wouldn’t call myself overly optimistic by any means, but as the Orioles finish out their ninth straight losing season, I’d like to point out that Baltimore does have at least one edge over New York. Suuuuure, New Yorkers have their pick of which ballclub to root for in October and yes, they have the […]

Melky Cabrera: Markakis My Ass

If Nick Markakis is not at least in the top three finishers for Rookie of the Year honors, then something is wrong with baseball. Of course I am biased, but his presence this year in the rookie class brings up a lot of questions about what the award means and who deserves it, not just […]