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Fantasy Football Advice From the Chop

Ed. note: this post comes to us courtesy of semi-frequent contributor The Baltimore Chop, whose name you’ve seen around here once or twice before. If you like the cut of his jib, consider casting a vote or two. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who plays the lottery? I don’t mean the folks […]

What the H? Sports Show is Actually Good.

Ed. note: this is the latest in a series of posts from new semi-regular contributor The Baltimore Chop. I’ve been watching Sports Show lately. That’s a surprising enough statement in its own right, but the thing that’s really kind of shocking is that the show is actually funny. Comedy Central’s latest attempt to mix jocks […]

Jai-alai: The World’s Greatest Spectator Sport

I’ve traveled some. Most of that travel has been work related, and because of work I’ve managed to miss out on discovering some live sporting events that I really would have liked to see. I didn’t get a chance to catch cricket in South Africa, baseball in Japan, or football in England, and more’s the […]

Man Caves, Modern Life, and Room Design Sensibility

Once upon a time in America the family used to gather around the TV and watch together. We’d all sit in the traditional family room and have family time and all was well and good. Today, that’s not so much the case anymore. With the explosion of content outlets like Hulu, Netflix, and iTunes, Viewing […]

Seat Jumping as Social Climbing at the Ol’ Ball Game

Ed. note: Please welcome a new voice to the fold, someone I’m very excited to have on board: The Baltimore Chop. He’ll be chiming in here periodically on any number of things, all of which I believe you’ll enjoy. Kindly give him the secret Loss Column handshake and head on over to his site for […]