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Breaking Bonds News: Fit, Meet Shan

The smoking gun in the Barry Bonds saga might have finally been unearthed: the Feds are claiming that he failed a steroid test in 2000. All throughout this sordid adventure the Bonds apologists have consistently fallen back on one thing: he never failed a test. Well, dumbasses, here you go. I was as> ready as […]

Mitchell Report: the Fallout

I’ve had a bit of time now to look over news of the Mitchell Report (I haven’t read it yet…pretty sure I won’t get to that any time soon). A few thoughts: First, I’m glad this thing is finally out. It’s about damn time. Second, I’m not surprised by any of it. I think we […]

Mitchell Report Open Thread

One of my many non-sports pursuits involves co-teaching a class in Narrative Illustration at MICA. That happens every few Thursdays, and tomorrow is one such Thursday. George Mitchell has no regard for my schedule. He has decided to release his steroid report at the same time that I’ll be waist-deep in helping evaluate final projects, […]

Bonds Goes Down

Quick and dirty, for your consideration: Barry Bonds has (finally) been indicted on perjury and obstruction of justice charges. As I’m sure everyone knows, an indictment doesn’t necessarily indicate any actual guilt. But in Bonds’ case…well, come on. Thoughts?

More on the Bonds Ball

From the “you might have missed this, I almost did” department: Fashion designer Marc Ecko took to the tubes at ESPN.com today for a live chat about his handling of Barry Bonds‘ tainted ball. As it turns out, Ecko is an interesting, thoughtful, and seemingly intelligent man who did not enter into this lightly or […]

Uniforms, Numbers, Publicity Stunts, etc…

A few noteworthy items have built up over the past couple of days, so here you go: — No NFL Inquest this week because, well, I didn’t get around to it and now it’s Thursday. I promise to bring back the keen insights and trenchant analysis next week and for (nearly) every football week thereafter. […]

Belichick, Patriots Slapped on Wrist

At first glance, the NFL‘s announcement today that they’re punishing Bill Belichick and the Patriots for cheating seems like a strong move. Belichick himself is out $500k, the Pats as a team are out $250k and some high draft picks. It’ll almost certainly make them, and every other team, think twice before engaging in any […]

Provocative Thoughts

I’ve got an NFL Inquest coming later today, but in the meantime I wanted to make everyone aware of a very interesting comment left last night on the Gibbons post: read it here. I can’t vouch for any of this, and I’d encourage everyone to take it with a grain of salt, but… …it certainly […]