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Esquire Chats Up a Ravens Cheerleader

Meet Michelle, third-year Ravens cheerleader and subject of this week’s Monday Morning Cheerleader feature over at Esquire. Not a bad interview, all things considered, although I’m not sure how she figures on meeting the Vikings in the Super Bowl. While you’re over at Esquire — so this post isn’t complete fluff — I highly recommend […]

Rounding Up the Best of the Rest

Here in the afterglow (for Ravens fans) of Sunday’s big win, I figure it’s a good time to step back for a few and run down some of the news from the rest of the local sports landscape. This is the kind of thing I hope to get around to more often. One thing that […]

The Sports Latitudes: Mostly O’s Edition

I’ve had a few interesting things building up over the past week or two, so here we go: — This one comes from the “this is what the Internet is really for” files: NumerOlogy, a site dedicated to Orioles uniform numbers. It’s an absolutely amazing piece of work, chock full of both interesting information and […]

Sunday Action Open Thread

Last night…ugh. I was up on the club level at the Verizon Center and a bunch of frontrunning Pink Sox yahoos were screaming things like “You’re in Boston now!! What’s up!!” For anyone with lingering doubts as to why all right-thinking Americans hate the Red Sox and their fans, there you go. At least the […]

Spreading the Love

It’s time to take a deep breath after that 57 comment (and counting) Orioles thread and turn our focus outward for a change. Specifically, to some of the other sites on the webonet that have shown The Loss Column love over the past few months, or for whom we just have a particular fondness. — […]

Sunday Football Open Thread

That’s correct: I’m in no way above putting up a sexy cheerleader pic when it comes time to talk football. Only one divisional game today as Pittsburgh heads to Cleveland at 1 pm. Mike Tomlin makes his Steelers debut, along with new offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and a revamped passing game that puts more responsibility […]

The Sports Latitudes, vol. 1

Welcome to a brand new, semi-regular Loss Column featurette: the Sports Latitudes. I took the name from one of my very favorite natural oddities, the horse latitudes. In much the same way that sailors had to occasionally jettison some extra weight, the Sports Latitudes is a place where I’ll dump all the extra links and […]

News From Fan Fest

Not sure what to make of this yet, but here it is: at their Fan Fest Q&A a few minutes ago, Duquette and Flanagan revealed that they’ll be instituting some new initiatives designed to bring fans back to the ballpark and help soften the blow of nine straight losing seasons. They said they’re going to […]