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It’s Not You, It’s My Web Host

If you tried to access The Loss Column at any point for most of the day Sunday you likely experienced a bit of frustration. We were, alas, in the midst of one of my web host’s periodic meltdowns. Although to be fair it’s been a good while since we’ve had an issue of this magnitude/duration. […]

Orioles: Andy MacPhail Out?

If this report from Bob Nightengale at USA Today is to be believed, the writing is on the wall for Andy MacPhail. Word is that he’s on his way out. I see no reason to doubt this for now. The quotes in the report (from MacPhail and Buck) don’t dispute the claim, they just kind […]

Orioles: It Wasn’t Supposed to Go Down Like This

Given the way 2010 unfolded for the Orioles, I entered last offseason believing — knowing — the worst was behind us. It never crossed my mind that what we had just witnessed at the time was anything other than the bottom, the Lost Season to literally end Lost Seasons. The late surge and the Showalter […]

The Orioles’ Season Spins Away. Now What?

At press time, the Orioles just lost 13-5 to the Rangers. Fred Manfra noted during the proceedings how he he knows it “sometimes gets difficult,” then thanked us for continued listening. Yeah, Fred. Sometimes it gets difficult. Any hope of surprise is lost. I can’t yet give up on my prediction of .500 or better […]

Orioles: The Swoon

I’ll admit it. I didn’t see this coming. “This” meaning, of course, The Swoon. That rite to which we as Orioles fans are annually subjected around this time. The stretch of games that breaks our spirit through some combination of losing, listless play, and ever-growing distance between the record as it stands and the record […]

Orioles: Abandon “The Plan”?

Another evening passes with another utterly disheartening loss for the Orioles. For the second night in a row they didn’t really put up a fight in Toronto. At times like this many fans resort to questioning the team’s desire (or “heart”) and effort. I don’t. These guys aren’t content. But I do question the results, […]

Orioles Truth, And It Really Is About Next Year

Whenever something doesn’t seem right, or comfortable, our lizard brain perks up. It wants answers. Sometimes it maybe even deserves them. In that zealous quest, however, much is often lost. The usual result is oversimplification, particularly when it comes to the notion of “truth.” The idea that since we know how things “should” be we […]

I Still Love Adam Jones

Of all the players who regressed, Adam Jones troubles me the most. I want him to be a star, and I want him to do it in Baltimore. The Orioles need an outspoken public face to handle the duties for which quieter (but no less valuable) personalities like Markakis and Roberts are ill-suited. Jones should […]