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The Hangover, the Aftermath: Where Does Everything Go?

I can’t say I intended to take a Loss Column hiatus after the conclusion of the Orioles‘ season. It more or less just happened. I think that, subconsciously, I needed some time to sit with the madness and bliss that was Orioles 2012. I know for sure that I had no designs on a wrap-up […]

Quick Thoughts On the Orioles Hot Stove

I have a longer post brewing about all things Hot Stove and Orioles-related but I don’t have it quite formulated yet. I get the sense, however, that things might get active in the next few days. In anticipation of that, a few thoughts (and a comments section that’s wide open for following the developments): — […]

Orioles’ Offseason Coming Into Focus

Although the Mark Reynolds trade remains the only move the O’s have made as of press time, a snapshot of the current scenario(s) seems to show that things are starting to take shape. To summarize most of what I’ve been reading… First Base: Both Konerko and Pena are off the market, with the latter having […]

Free Agent Domino: Victor Martinez Off the Board

According to this article from ESPN, free agent Victor Martinez has agreed to a deal with the Tigers, spurning offers from the Red Sox, White Sox, and…Orioles. The article says that the O’s were “outbid,” and according to Jen Royle it came down to $2 million dollars and the ever-present “losing team in the AL […]

An Orioles “Remember When…”

Remember when the Orioles were this close to acquiring A.J. Burnett? Friend/reader/occasional commenter sci does, and he checked in with the specifics. The O’s were poised to send Larry Bigbie, Jorge Julio, Steve Reed, Steve Kline, and Hayden Penn to the Red Sox Marlins in exchange for Burnett and Mike Lowell. The deal fell through […]

Orioles Now And…What Next?

That was an unexpectedly busy week in Birdland, yes? Our consensus frustration about the lack of movement evaporated in the wake of rapid-fire news that both Mike Gonzalez and Garrett Atkins joined the black and orange. Great discussions ensued. I like both moves. In particular, I have zero concern about the financials on the Gonzalez […]

What’s That About the Cold Stove?

Quick update to the last post that deserves a post of its own: the Orioles have now also added Garrett Atkins. I love the coincidence that the day after we discuss whether or not they’re moving too slowly they go out and fill two needs. As for the Atkins signing, I like it. I’m not […]

Orioles: Signing Mike Gonzalez

According to Jeff Zrebiec at the Sun, the Orioles are about to sign veteran reliever Mike Gonzalez to a two-year deal. $12 million plus incentives if you believe Yahoo!’s Tim Brown. Whatever the money, they’ll surrender a second-round pick as well. I don’t know anything about Gonzalez other than what’s in the Sun article and […]