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It’s closing time in Birdland. Drink up.

Nothing dies on the Internet. This is both one of the medium’s greatest assets and one of its most pressing drawbacks. Permanence is a lure as well as a drag. And, ultimately, a hard thing to reconcile. It creates a sense that things must always continue. But work is projects and projects have to end. […]

Thanks, Baltimore Mag, For Naming The Loss Column a 2011 “Best Of”

Well this was a nice surprise. Baltimore Magazine is out today with their annual “Best of Baltimore” issue and The Loss Column has been named one of the area’s “Top Ten Blogs”. According to the writeup, No blog covers local sports with as much wisdom. With a decidedly realistic/pessimistic perspective, it asks questions like, “What […]

Why We Watch: Is It Really “All About Winning”?

Driving home earlier tonight I caught some of Rob Long‘s fill-in work on 105.7 The Fan. It was great to hear Long landing on his feet after the unceremonious demise of Fox Sports 1370, a station (and collection of hosts) that deserved a better shake. Here’s to hearing him more often on the FM dial. […]

What the H? Sports Show is Actually Good.

Ed. note: this is the latest in a series of posts from new semi-regular contributor The Baltimore Chop. I’ve been watching Sports Show lately. That’s a surprising enough statement in its own right, but the thing that’s really kind of shocking is that the show is actually funny. Comedy Central’s latest attempt to mix jocks […]

Ravens, Orioles Spend Busy Holiday Weekend

There’s something nearly perfect about Labor Day weekend and the way it puts a period on the end of summer, giving (most of) us an extra day to while away before the busy season starts. And a busy season it will indeed be. I’ve taken on Bmore Media as a client and will serve as […]

Flanagan Reemerges. I Have Advice.

Mike Flanagan is an odd case. Even in baseball, a world filled with oddball lifers, his trajectory stands out. Try to name another guy who went from Hall of Fame Cy Young pitcher to coach to broadcaster to General Manager to “is he still with the team?” then back to broadcasting again. I could be […]

Radio Alert: Saturday 9(ish)-Noon

Quick note to mention that I’ll be on the radio Saturday morning with the Fighting Ungers from around 9 until noon. Expect a fair amount of Orioles spring training talk, along with the show’s usual dose of comedy and oddity. Hit up 1370 AM on your radio dial or go to fox1370.com to listen to […]

The Tiresome Hate of Everything

I came across a column last week that has to be shared. While not explicitly sports-related it is nonetheless entirely relevant. In Why are you so terribly disappointing?, San Francisco Chronicle writer Mark Morford barrels head-first into an issue that sometimes keeps me up at night. To wit: our wonderful and burgeoning New Media conversation […]