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Anita Marks Out at 105.7

Somewhat surprising local media news: Anita Marks and 105.7 The Fan are parting ways. According to the article, the two sides couldn’t come to a contract agreement. She’ll now take a month off to review her options. I think it’s safe to say that most Baltimore sports fans won’t exactly be sad to see her […]

Thanks, Camden Chat

I have a real nice post coming up later today about Colts–Ravens, but in the meantime I want to send my thanks to Stacey at Camden Chat. She did a nice writeup of The Loss Column over on her site, including an interview with yours truly. It’s part of a whole series she’s doing where […]

Is The Loss Column Maryland’s Best?

OK, I don’t want to make a bigger deal of this than it is. I’ll just put it out there: I would really appreciate your help — all of you, especially those who read regularly but don’t comment — in being recognized as the best sports blog in Maryland. You can vote once a day […]

Embracing the Tides

Doing some research today I dug up an interesting article from Rainer Sabin at the Virginian-Pilot. It’s all about the Norfolk Tides and why they switched from their longtime Mets affiliation. Part of the reason might surprise you: But Rosenfield is more excited about the less-tangible benefits, like the investment Baltimore has made in Norfolk’s […]

Brady Anderson Goes Meta

I wasn’t planning on weighing in on Brady Anderson‘s defense of Peter Angelos. I basically agree with him, of course, but I didn’t feel it needed much discussion around these parts. That was before I discovered, via Big League Stew, that not only did Anderson defend Angelos, he defended himself defending Angelos with not one […]

One Hell of an Eventful Orioles Evening

Matt Wieters is coming. But let’s back up a little bit. I got an invite about two weeks ago from the folks at MASN, asking if I’d like to participate in Bloggers Night at the ballpark. I’m not entirely sure if I’m “supposed” to talk about it or not, but nobody asked me not to […]

The Column, The Crow, The Game, The Show

Four things the informed Baltimore sports fan should be thinking about right now, in order: 1. Get to the newsstand asap to pick up a copy of the latest Baltimore Magazine, then turn to page 116. The Loss Column is featured there as one of 101 secrets of the city. #84! 2. Terry Crowley. Haven’t […]

This, That, Rays, the Other

Yeah, I saw the SI article that named Peter Angelos the “worst” owner in baseball. More of the usual useless nonsense from a national writer who doesn’t get it. Not that I’m defending Angelos, who has made his share of missteps, but the main reaction I had was to think about all of the Orioles […]