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It’s closing time in Birdland. Drink up.

Nothing dies on the Internet. This is both one of the medium’s greatest assets and one of its most pressing drawbacks. Permanence is a lure as well as a drag. And, ultimately, a hard thing to reconcile. It creates a sense that things must always continue. But work is projects and projects have to end. […]

Milestone: Loss Column Comment #20,000

I’m not sure I can fully wrap my head around this, but here’s a fact: The Loss Column is four-and-a-half years old. We’ve been publishing news and views about Baltimore sports (and other matters as they come up) for something like 54 months. In that time I’ve gotten married, one of my best friends had […]

In a Word: Wieters

August 16th, 2007, a Thursday, was almost the day that broke Orioles baseball. That could have been the day Baltimore woke up to news that the club had failed to sign their can’t-miss, once in a lifetime draft pick. Seems hard to believe now, but it almost happened. Most reports during the day on the […]

Welcome to Loss Column 2.0

Here it is: the new look and new brand for The Loss Column. It’s been since October that I’ve been talking about this so I’m pretty stoked to finally make it happen. The changes will probably take some getting used to. It’s a fairly radical departure from what we had before, and I’m naturally nervous […]

New Site: the Countdown

First thing: there’s a new post by Justin below this one, a home for all things Ravens as they march into the playoffs. Make sure to check it out and chime in with thoughts/predictions/etc. Now… I’ve been talking about it since at least October (ugh), but it’s almost time for action. Loss Column 2.0 is […]

The 10,000th Comment Is…

A couple of months back I mentioned that we were closing in on 10,000 comments and might very well get there by the end of the year. Then we hit a slow patch, and I more or less forgot about it. Today, though, I noticed that we actually passed the magic number already. We’re currently […]