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It’s closing time in Birdland. Drink up.

Nothing dies on the Internet. This is both one of the medium’s greatest assets and one of its most pressing drawbacks. Permanence is a lure as well as a drag. And, ultimately, a hard thing to reconcile. It creates a sense that things must always continue. But work is projects and projects have to end. […]

New World, Same World

I used to have a lot of friends who loved moving. That meant travel for some and outright relocation for others. These were (are) folks for whom movement was a horizon to chase. For whom change itself was a comfort. I tend to be more of a “stick around and see” type, and I recall […]

Thoughts on Change

Fair warning: this post isn’t about baseball, or really even sports. Not unless you squint. What can I say? The O’s are on the west coast. So, instead, this is a post about change. The reason things have been quieter around here for the past year and a half or so is the immense amount […]

Who’s Minding the Store?

Ordinarily I don’t believe in apologizing for not posting much, or even mentioning it. I make an exception here though because things have been quieter than normal at a time when they probably ought not be quiet. This space isn’t destined to return to the days of posts nearly every day, but two weeks is […]

A Baltimore Sports Bounty of Thanks

I got to thinking tonight about Thanksgiving, naturally enough, and about what Baltimore sports fans have to be thankful for circa late-2012. If there’s been a better year than this I can’t say I lived it. To see the Orioles break their epic string of losing seasons, and make the playoffs in doing so, ranks […]

The Hangover, the Aftermath: Where Does Everything Go?

I can’t say I intended to take a Loss Column hiatus after the conclusion of the Orioles‘ season. It more or less just happened. I think that, subconsciously, I needed some time to sit with the madness and bliss that was Orioles 2012. I know for sure that I had no designs on a wrap-up […]

Summer’s a Slow and Anxious Season

I know one thing for sure both from my own experience and from various conversations I’ve been having recently: there’s something strange happening right now. I can’t put my finger on it exactly but it’s there. No idea where it’s going, but it’s real. One hope is that baseball can be, as it so often […]

Adversity Strikes

And just like that: five straight losses, three straight series losses, the loss of Nick Markakis, the demotion of Tommy Hunter, the return of poor play on the road, and the regression of both the rotation and the offense, including the utter disappearance of Matt Wieters. Wow. We all knew there might be some regression […]