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Open Thread: Wednesday Afternoon Baseball

Nothing better than some afternoon baseball to get you through hump day. If you’re following along, feel free to chime in. Last night’s win felt like one of the bigger wins of the season. Coming off of two straight losses in which the starters blew leads, with the mercurial Brian Matusz taking on the Red […]

A Brick Wall Named Josh

There’s a thin line that exists for Orioles fans this season between having confidence in this surprising, 1st-place team and feeling like it’s all ready to come tumbling into disarray once again. For many O’s fans, Josh Hamilton provided that little shove over that thin line. And then he provided an extra kick in the […]

New MASN Post, Absence Explained

New post up over at MASN today (it happens every Wednesday) wherein I try to peel back a layer of “why?” in terms of Camden Yards attendance. And yet, even on a chilly Tuesday night in April against the Blue Jays, there is activity in the Yard. Not a lot and not as much as […]

Like It Or Not, Tim Tebow Has Arrived

The most obvious locally-relevant fallout from Tim Tebow‘s latest miracle on Sunday is that it deprives Ravens fans of a chance to see their team face the Steelers a third time. Which is probably disturbing news to some, probably a sigh of relief to others. I think it’s clear regardless that the Steelers were in […]

An Adam Jones Trade Would Test My Orioles Fanhood

I’ve been noting with a wary eye the raft of recent trade rumors surrounding Adam Jones (warning: Sun paywall link). There’s no doubt he’s one of the team’s best trade chips and could bring a decent haul in return. And, yes, a team in dire straits like the Orioles has to do the due diligence […]

Getting the Band Back Together

If you happen to be near a radio tonight from around 10:30 until midnight, I humbly suggest you tune to WBAL (1090 AM) to hear me and the Unger brothers do some radio. Just like back in the Fighting Ungers days only much later at night and on a much stronger signal than ever before. […]

Fantasy Football Advice From the Chop

Ed. note: this post comes to us courtesy of semi-frequent contributor The Baltimore Chop, whose name you’ve seen around here once or twice before. If you like the cut of his jib, consider casting a vote or two. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who plays the lottery? I don’t mean the folks […]

All Kinds of Change, Orioles and Otherwise

There is, on one level, the obvious change: the Orioles seeking to basically remake their power structure in light of both Andy MacPhail and Joe Jordan departing, to say nothing of the need to fill two positions on the field coaching staff. This is the sort of thing we generally discuss. On another, less visible […]