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A Little (Virtual) R&R

Dan the Man said it best: quiet around here lately. It feels like the Loss Column community is exhaling a bit, recharging the batteries after a long season. It feels quite natural. Transitions and whatnot. Good time to breathe a bit. Especially since the Raiders come to town Sunday and you have to figure that’s […]

Ravens Win Big, Rays Seek Same

Sorry for the lack of a Sunday NFL Open Thread today. It got lost in the shuffle this morning, and I realized it as soon as I parked myself at Bert’s, with no way to update from there. Stupid lack of an iPhone. Anyhow, I watched the Ravens game and came away impressed by what […]

No “Best” In the Best-of-Five

Dodgers, Phillies, Red Sox, Rays. Baseball’s version of the Final Four is set, and it probably doesn’t look much like most people would have predicted back in April. Such is the beauty of the game. But I’m troubled by how we got here. These four teams are the best by virtue of the fact that […]

What Now?

The Red Sox are world champions, and I’ve made my peace with it. As much as I dislike that team and their fans it’s both difficult and pointless to keep up the Hate now that it’s over. And besides, as of now the Sox and the Orioles are tied for first place in the 2008 […]

Game Three Open Thread

Fast and dirty, as I’m on my way out. Viva Josh Fogg. Floor’s open…if you’re around…

The Playoffs and the Other Playoffs

Tonight the Rockies send 23-year-old Ubaldo Jimenez to the hill against Boston‘s grizzled, 40-year-old playoff hero, Curt Schilling. This isn’t quite a must win, but let’s be realistic here. If Colorado can’t find a way to get this one they’re in a serious no-man’s land. This series has all the earmarks of a classic “team […]

World Series Game 1 Open Thread

I’ve got the Rockies radio feed streaming through my computer right now as game one gets underway. It’s Jeff Francis vs. Josh Beckett — fire at will in the comments.

Let’s Talk About Millar

This is supposed to be a dead time for non-playoff baseball teams. No news, no signings, no transactions, no scandals — just radio silence in advance of the hot stove season. Nobody really thought the Baltimore Orioles would go easy on us, did they? So along comes big, dumb Kevin Millar and his brilliant idea […]