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Top 5 Reasons O’s/Nats Is Almost A Rivalry

We know the drill by now. Each year during interleague play, the local media shoves a contrived “Beltway Rivalry” down our throats. And each year, it’s a lackluster series between two losing ball clubs that just happen to share a cable sports network. Well, this year the script has officially flipped. While I’m still not […]

The Maryland Regional Sports Power Rankings

I was thinking earlier today about “power rankings” and how they’re basically silly. And yet, silly in kind of a fun way. They provide fodder for debate and discussion, and it’s cool sometimes to take a 10,000 foot view (so to speak). That led me to the idea of creating power rankings of my own. […]

A Turnaround (Of Sorts) For the Nationals

Nice outing from David Hernandez tonight, going 6 2/3 giving up just two runs. The strikeouts finally showed up, too. Six of them to just one walk. I’ll take that from him any time. Actually, I’d take that from anybody on the staff right now. Still not sure what the future holds for Hernandez, but […]

The Sports Latitudes

The latest in a periodic, enigmatic series… — First it was Nick Saban and his franchise-sinking stint in Miami. Now, Falcons coach Bobby Petrino has pulled a similar vanishing act. Petrino now has zero credibility as a teacher and leader. Say you’re an Arkansas player and your team is down 34-10 in the fourth quarter. […]

The Sports Latitudes, Vol. 2

Expect to see more and more of these. Of course I said that last time, too. — The Indians are up 9-3 in the sixth! The Rockies lead their series 2-0, and the Cubs play game two against the Diamondbacks later tonight. — By now you’ve probably heard the troubling news: the Maryland men’s basketball […]

The Way We Were

Fantastic discussion in the comments on the last two posts. You all deserve a pat on the back. You’ll need it, too. That sound you heard last night from downtown was the sputtering remains of the O’s 2007 Bandwagon finally rolling to a stop. We’re on our own from here on out. Perhaps Rookie of […]

Thoughts On Another Something

As I write, the Birds have…taken a lead in the bottom seventh on a two-out Jay Payton RBI double, then given it right back up…then done a bunch of other things that I don’t care to recount…finally ending up with Chris Ray failing us yet again. Another horrible loss. There’s no getting around it. Yet […]

A Plea for Reason

I’ve got a serious question for what appears to be a troubling majority of Orioles fans out there: Don’t you folks get tired of being obvious? This team isn’t hitting…Jay Gibbons sucks…the bullpen overhaul didn’t work! $40 million wasted!…Peter Angelos sure is a terrible owner! In the context of a larger point these things can […]