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NFL Inquest, Patriots Who? Edition

A few points on the week just passed and the week to come… — Yes, the Patriots were running up the score, and yes it was a low-class move. This is news to who, exactly? I was dead wrong in my prediction about the Redskins, but in fairness you have to grant that I didn’t […]

NFL Inquest, Inconsistency Edition

It’s safe to say that the AFC North is all about the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. Odds are very good that one of them will win the division, and odds are slightly less good that the one who doesn’t win the divison will get a Wild Card berth. Some of you might call […]

NFL Inquest, Room at the Top Edition

I dig on the NFL as much as anyone, but last night offered up proof positive that it can be just as boring and predictable as any other sport, and that baseball (yes, baseball) can be a hell of a lot more exciting under the right circumstances. Even if I did fall asleep before the […]

Uniforms, Numbers, Publicity Stunts, etc…

A few noteworthy items have built up over the past couple of days, so here you go: — No NFL Inquest this week because, well, I didn’t get around to it and now it’s Thursday. I promise to bring back the keen insights and trenchant analysis next week and for (nearly) every football week thereafter. […]

NFL Inquest, “It’s Just One Game” Edition

Remember the NFL Inquest? Many of you probably didn’t read the site during last year’s football season, so here’s the deal: each week I’ll present an entirely subjective wrapup of the weekend’s NFL action, the goal being a quick, one-stop shop for important angles and analysis. This year, in particular, I’m going to put extra […]

Site News

Fantastic time on Michael Popovec‘s Friday Forum earlier this evening. In addition to the host I had the pleasure of talking with Nelson Coffin (Patuxent Publishing) and Matt Palmer (the Examiner), both of whom do excellent work. It was one hell of a roundtable. I also have a couple of site-related announcements. I’ll soon be […]

NFL Inquest, See You Next Year Edition

In the end, the Super Bowl was exactly what we all thought it would be. A highly entertaining first quarter gradually gave way to the kind of unspectacular, methodical beat-down that the Colts used successfully to vanquish the Ravens — a technique which, more than anything else, separated this team from their predecessors. They got […]

NFL Inquest, pre-Super Bowl Edition

I waited a little long to get to this week’s Inquest, but I figure that’s OK. We have a blank weekend after all. As far as last week’s games, there’s nothing I can add here that hasn’t already been said. You watched ’em. You know how incredible that Colts comeback was, and you know that […]