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Breaking: Tejada Charged

Here’s a link: Tejada Charged With Lying to Investigators. Sad.

As Far As Alex Rodriguez…

I’m not sure I can say it any better than Harvey Araton did at the Times today: The Yankees were the most ardent admirers of Rodriguez and are also positioned to be the biggest suckers, given the contract they gave him, along with promises of bonuses for every home-run hero he passes. They convinced themselves […]

Breaking Bonds News: Fit, Meet Shan

The smoking gun in the Barry Bonds saga might have finally been unearthed: the Feds are claiming that he failed a steroid test in 2000. All throughout this sordid adventure the Bonds apologists have consistently fallen back on one thing: he never failed a test. Well, dumbasses, here you go. I was as> ready as […]

Tejada’s Unfortunate Circumstance

Camden Chat has a nice post up today about Miguel Tejada‘s recent run of bad luck, and what it all means. The CC post pretty covers everything I would. I have a great deal of sympathy (pity?) for Tejada. It’s completely out of line for the government to go hard after a guy who kinda […]

Hollow Victories

Last night the Navy football team pulled off an impressive upset in beating the Pitt Panthers — in Pittsburgh — 48-45 in double overtime. It was the latest in a string of surprising college football results this year: Appalachian State over Michigan Stanford over USC Kansas State over Texas Colorado over Oklahoma Auburn over Florida […]

The Other Shoe Drops

Ever since Rafael Palmeiro got busted for juicing I think we’ve all had one question in the back of our minds: does it stop there? The answer appears to be “nope.” SI.com is reporting that O’s outfielder Jay Gibbons is the latest ballplayer to get caught in the steroids investigation net. This news, I’m guessing, […]

Long National Nightmare = Over

You all know how I feel about Barry Bonds, and I’m not sure there’s any great desire around here to talk about him. But he broke the record last night, and it’s Big News. Here’s a Bonds Open Thread. Feel free to post thoughts, links, etc. in the comments. So, so glad this is over.

The Triforce of Shame, Cal, and other news

Hello, everyone – Dan the Man here. Many thanks to Neal for allowing me to take the reins for a short time. Should be great fun and I’ll do my best to not burn the place down. As he said, Neal leaves TLC during a time when the three largest American sports are all in […]