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New World, Same World

I used to have a lot of friends who loved moving. That meant travel for some and outright relocation for others. These were (are) folks for whom movement was a horizon to chase. For whom change itself was a comfort. I tend to be more of a “stick around and see” type, and I recall […]

Losing Wasn’t More Fun, But It Was a Little Easier

I was thinking about the ‘ol Loss Column today, and the fact that I have been so lax in posting, and I found myself asking a question: were things better when the Orioles sucked? Not the baseball, of course. And not the culture surrounding it here in Baltimore. But talking about both definitely seemed a […]

You Knew a Slump Was Coming, Right?

There I went in my last guest post for MASN talking about how the Orioles were officially a good team. Then there they went, rattling off five losses in a row and falling into a tie for third place (or fourth if you’re a pessimist) with the Rays. Bummer. Honestly, though, you knew this was […]

Who’s Minding the Store?

Ordinarily I don’t believe in apologizing for not posting much, or even mentioning it. I make an exception here though because things have been quieter than normal at a time when they probably ought not be quiet. This space isn’t destined to return to the days of posts nearly every day, but two weeks is […]

Orioles: When Baseball Season Arrives

I’ve remarked before, elsewhere and I think here, that time doesn’t fly. It accelerates. So much so that if you stop to think about it you’ll probably end up in a bad place. Ten years ago doesn’t seem that long. A few weeks or months sometimes feel like days. If you don’t know what I […]

Orioles: Inaction or Stability?

In listening to the various sports talk shows lately I’ve been struck by something that seems obvious but is kind of stunning in how different it is: the Orioles are entering the season without any major question marks. No giant holes in the lineup, no concerns about depth, no questions about whether or not there […]

Nobody’s Picking the Orioles, and That’s OK By Me

Here’s where I could go through and link all of the various preseason prediction columns/articles I’ve read, but I’ll spare you all that clicking and make it simple: pretty much nobody thinks the Orioles have a chance to repeat their 2012 success. There might be a straggler or an outlier I haven’t seen, but for […]

Hell of a Week for Baltimore…and Now It’s Baseball Season

First things first: congrats to the Ravens and the city of Baltimore. The Ravens may not be my team but I can’t hate. What’s good for the city is good for me, mostly. Great run, great game. For those of you who live the purple & black, enjoy it. These things (usually) only come around […]