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Who Would You Most Like to Whack?

This was the discussion that dominated my appearance with the Fighting Ungers this past Tuesday. Marc Unger came up with a great idea: a seeded tournament, a la March Madness, to find out who is the “Most Annoying, Vile, Hated, Needs to Be Punched Sports Figure Of All Time”. Read his original post on it […]

Spreading the Love

It’s time to take a deep breath after that 57 comment (and counting) Orioles thread and turn our focus outward for a change. Specifically, to some of the other sites on the webonet that have shown The Loss Column love over the past few months, or for whom we just have a particular fondness. — […]

Orioles – Jays Open Thread

The great thing about continuing to put up Open Threads from now until the end is that we quite literally have no idea what might happen in these games. Might history lurk behind door number three? Brian Burres vs. Jesse Litsch O-R-I-O-L-E-S!