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Success! (and some fairness to RSN)

Last night I saw something at Camden Yards I’ve never seen before: lines. Long, long lines. It was a terrible sea of red and blue, and I was worried. If the notion of taking back the yard is measured only in numbers, we lost again. Last night was, as you might expect, about 60-70% Sox […]

Day Zero (O’s – Pink Sox Open Thread)

Apparently, there was supposed to be some kind of “rally” at Camden Yards tonight. Some kind of attempt to do something shocking. Something dangerous. What do you suppose it was? Get ready: the idea was actually to convince Baltimore fans to come out and root for the Baltimore Orioles. The whole thing started in…I don’t […]

You’ve Got to Think, Young Brother…About Your Future

Yesterday’s god-awfully amazing win against the Sox really can’t be put into words. I got a text message from a good friend of mine that said “How sweet would the rally have been today?” My response was, as it could only be, “no shit.” So for those of you who belive in a boycott, let […]

Free the Birds “on Life Support”

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me extend my congratulations to WNST‘s Drew Forrester on the arrival of his baby boy, Ethan. Here’s to good health and good times for the young family. Moving on… NST’s plucky leader, “Nasty” Nestor Aparicio, has a blog post up describing his efforts to organize […]

Of Rallies and Fans and What it All Means

If you’re not in the habit of following/participating in the conversations that happen in the comments, you’re missing out. Many times that’s where we find the gold that makes The Loss Column what it is. Take, for example, the discussion that took place (interestingly enough) in my last odds-and-ends post. Click here to read it. […]

Rally Press/Jay Who?

I meant to post this last night (along with an open thread) but real life intervened. In any case, here it is: Bill Ordine at the Baltimore Sun interviewed me about the rally, and you can read the results by clicking here. I think I come off pretty well, but the real star of the […]

Thank God Someone Gets It

This comment, recently posted by “Beantown,” should be required reading for everyone who’s taking this Rally way, way too seriously: I like this idea. Grew up in Boston, live in DC for six years, been to a few sox/o’s games. I’d love to see some more O’s fans at the game, though I quickly see […]

Time to Clear Up Any Confusion

…or try to. I think I’ve been pretty clear in everything I’ve said regarding this rally that the point is to support the Orioles and have fun. Of course the original post has some playfully strong words (sewer rat fans, their cities suck, etc). And of course I expect some Red Sox fans to respond […]