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New World, Same World

I used to have a lot of friends who loved moving. That meant travel for some and outright relocation for others. These were (are) folks for whom movement was a horizon to chase. For whom change itself was a comfort. I tend to be more of a “stick around and see” type, and I recall […]

Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 6)

So the Baltimore Sun has a publishing arm they call Charm City Current. Essentially it’s a group blog featuring a handful of folks from the Baltimore area writing about a wide variety of topics. My pal Brian Sacawa writes there, alongside the Baltimore Grand Prix folks and Bill Ripken (among several others). It’s a nice […]

Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 5)

We’re in a bit of a dead zone here. The Ravens‘ season is over, and there’s no real Orioles news to discuss. Unless you count the partial ticket price increase, which literally made me laugh when I read the comments on the previous thread. I couldn’t care less about that. That’s not to say I […]

Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 4)

Going a little Orioles and baseball heavy up front, since we talk Baltimore sports. — If you haven’t heard, Peter Gammons is leaving ESPN. You can read his farewell here, and it’s worth the time. He’s a class act and a huge part of baseball’s media landscape for the past 20 years. I don’t have […]

Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 3)

Going a little Mad Men heavy with this one, at least at the top. — Latest blog post at my Slant Six site is all about the common ground between Mad Men and a particular episode of The Twilight Zone. It includes not only analysis but also links to watch the TZ episode in question. […]

Randoms (ver. 1/vol. 2)

— Sticking with the axe mention from the last edition of Randoms, that pic to the left is Robert White, a sculptor who died in 2002. The photo dates from 1949 (source). I can’t find much info about White. The main points seem to be that he was widely respected and that his grandfather, noted […]