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The Baltimore Ravens are Playing With Fire

“It’s just business.” I’ve always hated this phrase. It’s bothered me for as long as I can remember knowing what it meant. I think that probably goes back to something basic, if (arguably) a bit naive: I never thought it was cool that screwing someone over could suddenly become OK if it fell under the […]

Mark It: The Ravens are Going to Win the Super Bowl

Headline says it all, folks: I think the Ravens have this one. I think Sunday will be a hell of a day for Baltimore. I’m not sure this prediction makes much sense from a statistical standpoint. The 49ers are a damn good team and they have more than enough ammunition at their disposal to win […]

Early Call: Ravens-49ers in the Super Bowl

There may be no purely logical way to account for it, but I’ve learned in my years as a sports fan that momentum is real. Not quantifiable and definitely not infallible, but real nonetheless. Indeed, momentum — or “getting hot” or “going on a run” — is often what it takes to take a good […]

On Ray Lewis and the Occasion of His Retirement

By now most of you know that I’m not a Ravens fan. The simple version of that is that when I came here as a kid in 1988 there was no football in Baltimore. I rooted for the team I grew up with, the Steelers, and the team that was local, the Redskins. To this […]

A Baltimore Sports Bounty of Thanks

I got to thinking tonight about Thanksgiving, naturally enough, and about what Baltimore sports fans have to be thankful for circa late-2012. If there’s been a better year than this I can’t say I lived it. To see the Orioles break their epic string of losing seasons, and make the playoffs in doing so, ranks […]

Ravens Championship Sunday Thoughts/Reaction Thread

One thing I have to note up front: as much crap as I have given (and will continue to give) Baltimore sports fans for their en masse abandonment of the Orioles I am nevertheless impressed by the energy in this city surrounding the Ravens. Wherever it’s coming from — and wherever it may go — […]

When the Texans Came to Town

First thing’s first, which is that I stand by what I said about Tim Tebow despite what happened up in Foxborough yesterday. He didn’t exactly play well but the assembled talent around him did no favors. I’m eager to see what he does next year with a full offseason of preparation as the starter. Assuming […]

Like It Or Not, Tim Tebow Has Arrived

The most obvious locally-relevant fallout from Tim Tebow‘s latest miracle on Sunday is that it deprives Ravens fans of a chance to see their team face the Steelers a third time. Which is probably disturbing news to some, probably a sigh of relief to others. I think it’s clear regardless that the Steelers were in […]